Re: [acid-jazz] Songs for peace/protest

From: Velanche Stewart (
Date: 2003-03-05 02:15:02

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    adario wrote:

    > There was an article about this in the NY Times recently. Bigups to Gilles
    > for dropping the Isley Brothers version of "Ohio" on the "Incredible Sounds
    > Of" CD. Oh, hey, there's another cover, Velanche.
    Cool deal! I actually have that one from Gilles's compilation. Thanks
    for the tip!

    This has turned out to have been a great and informative thread. I've
    actually heard quite a few great tunes at some of the clubs in Europe
    that turned out to have been (possibly) originals, including Larry
    Young's Fuel's amazing "Turn Off The Lights" (covered by Frank de JoJo).

    I really would like to start building up a funk/soul collection of these