RE: [acid-jazz] Yukimi Nagano Invents New Singing Style

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Date: 2003-03-05 15:36:34

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    Amen. I thought the Chicago show was fantastic. I think the only thing
    made it odd, was you don't really expect that deep, sultry voice to be
    coming from such a little Asian girl (to be stereotypical). Her voice
    didn't match her body. The band was tight, a good show all around. J
    Davis trio, I like the guys rhyming style, and having never seem them
    before (not a chi native, I came down from grand rapids, Michigan) I
    thought they were pretty good. They could've shook up their style a bit
    more stylistically though...

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    just want to report that the chicago show last night was really great.
    you all had me worried, but i thought the band and yukimi were
    wonderful. maybe not being a musician or vocalist makes me less
    critical, but i was impressed (particularly when comparing them to the
    opening band - j davis trio, which have pretty much stagnated in the mid
    90s acid jazz-hop groove territory). but i thought her style of singing
    was very endearing - and i think developing original styles for a jazz
    singer is very important. she only worried me a bit on the last song -
    bright nights, where she sorta got lazy i think. but the band swung.
    maybe they are improving as the tour goes on?

    also, they answered my prayer by doing curtis lundys' "never gonna let
    you go."