[acid-jazz] FW: Thunderball News - March 2003

From: Citrona Recordings (info_at_citrona.net)
Date: 2003-03-05 23:57:26

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    Hello Friends!
    We are in the midst of March madness with moving our recording studio,
    promoting new releases and playing shows.
    Check out the playlist for March - we hope to see you at one of our
    upcoming shows! If you will be at the WMC, drop us a line - we'd love to
    meet up in sunny Miami.
    Take care,
    Sid and Steve
    Playlist - March 2003
    First Floor Brothers ­ Fashionably Late / Thunderball Mix (Citrona
    All Good Funk Alliance ­ Got The Funk (Fort Knox Recordings White Label)
    The Incredibly Funky Breakers ­ Tweak Da Jazz (Lab-Rok Records) Funky
    Lowlives ­ Irreplaceable / Quantic Remix The Tamlins ­ Skin Tight
    (Soundbwoy) Kinky ­ Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor (London Records) The Fort
    Knox Five ­ Donde Estabas 2 (Fort Knox Recordings White Label) Skitz
    Feat. Phi-Life Cypher ­ Cordless Mics @ 20 Faces (Ronin Records) James
    Brown ­ The Payback Mix (Polydor) Charles Webster ­ Ready (Peacefrog)
    Thunderball vs. Liftoff ­ Welcome Back Cooper (ESLMusic) Konkwest ­
    Americašs Under Attack /JonH & Raskal Mix (Red Menace) Bluez & Bronco ­
    All My Life (Defunkt) London Electricity ­ Cum Dancing (Hospital)
    Frederico Aubele ­ Postales (ESLMusic) Ursula 1000 ­ Samba 1000 / Nicola
    Conte Mix (ESLMusic) The Dining Rooms ­ La Citta Nuda (Schema) Ballistic
    Brothers ­ Peckings (Fat City Recordings) Snorkie ­ Woman [She Want My
    Money] (Steppinš Stone) Headland ­ Letšs Hear it For God (Touch Feely)
    Upcoming Shows:
    Mar. 14 - Austin, TX
    Mar. 15 JonH & Raskal @ Buzz
    Mar. 18-23 Winter Music Conference
    Mar. 27 - Portugal with Ursula 1000 and Thievery Corporation Apr. 5 -
    Baltimore MD - Sonar Lounge Apr. 24 - Atlanta, GA - Halo Lounge with
    Nicola Conte
    New Releases:
    Thunderball - Domino 12" (ESLMusic)
    First Floor Brothers - Fashionably Late / Thunderball Remix (Citrona)
    Upcoming Releases:
    Thunderball 'Panther' and Thunderball vs. Liftoff 'Welcome Back Cooper'
    on the upcoming ESLMusic Compilation 'Den of Thieves'
    Thunderball 'Heart of the Hustler' Limited Edition CD Single featuring
    remixes from Burdy of Baby Mammoth, the Fort Knox Five and a 'Poor Man's
    Dub' mix by Thunderball
    Also stay tuned for info on the launch of the newest label from Dodge
    City: Fort Knox Recordings - the renegade funk and soul imprint from the
    producers that brought you Thunderball
    P.O. Box 4826
    Washington, DC 20008
    For Bookings Contact: Caroline Hoste caroline_at_music2productions.com