[acid-jazz] afro-mystik + j boogie

From: Peter Nicholson (bournik_at_svn.net)
Date: 2003-03-06 02:36:42

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    Got to give some props to those hometown kids over at Om. Just received
    some new goodies:

    Afro-Mystik "Natural" remixes by DJ Fluid, Kaskade, and Halo. Of main
    interest to this message group would be the DJ Fluid re-rub, with a
    sparser, super broken take on the original. Halo and Kaskade mixes are
    tight house numbers, oddly enough they sound like they swapped styles
    for this one, with Kaskade getting more tribal and Halo going all warm
    and Naked Music-style. The Afro Mystik album will be out next month and
    it's a scorcher, with busted beats, sweet vocals from Omega, and a nice
    turn by Capital A. If you get a chance (at WMC, or later this spring
    when they tour) DO NOT miss A-M's live show. red-hot.

    J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science drops their debut lp mid-May and it has a
    good chance to be the sound of the summer when you're sweatin' between
    the sheets. Loving "Try me" with Goapele and Capital A -- King Kooba
    has a tight remix on the single. Hip-hop lovers will dig the cut with
    the under-rated People Under the Stairs and there's plenty of low-down,
    laid back grooves.
    enough enthusiasm -- track these down when they come your way.