[acid-jazz] Stylin 81 w/ Butti 49

From: Ennio Styles (stylin_at_modalforces.com)
Date: 2003-03-06 10:23:00

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    STYLIN - Rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other worldly fusions
    Friday afternoons 12-2pm RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne
    Live online - http://www.rrr.org.au/index2.html (see below for times)

    Hello all

    Norway was again in the place with Butti 49 supplying a classy 48 minute mix
    for last week's show, with some deep rare Scandanavian jazz alongside the
    latest remixes from the crew. Check out their website for all the latest
    info. Look out also for their remix of Dusko Goykovich's "Why Not Samba",
    out on 12" on Cosmic Sounds just as the excellent Cosmic Sounds Remixed Vol
    1 is released.

    Interesting to see that Detroit pianist Geri Allen was included in the Butti
    mix. Geri is one of the featured musicians on the Detroit Experiment LP
    which includes other jazz luminaries like Marcus Belgrave, Bernie Maupin and
    Regina Carter and production by relative new-schoolers Carl Craig and
    Karriem Riggins. There's lots of great tracks and lots of opportunities to
    do Trainspotters' Corner with this album, but last week I chose "Think
    Twice", recorded by Donald Byrd for Blue Note Records back in 1975. This was
    around the time that Donald (also a Detroit native) was producing a group
    called the Blackbyrds, whose sax player Allan Barnes also features on the
    Detroit Experiment.

    This week I'll try not to complain about all the records I haven't fit in -
    I've got the whole 2 hours to myself!

    until then
    Ennio Styles

    ***** COMING UP ON STYLIN *****
    Friday 28 March - Andy Mitchell (NZ)

    In the pipeline - Eivind Olsvik, Cliffy & Russ Jones, Kano, Action Direkt,
    DJ Lubi, Nicola Conte, Declan Kelly, Huwston, Mr Scruff, Break Reform, Crazy

    ***** STYLIN 81 - PLAYLIST - FRIDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2003 *****
    Title - Artist (Label/Australian Distributor (if known))
    * Australian/NZ artist/label/remixer
    1. think twice - donald byrd (blue note/emi)
    2. think twice - detroit experiment (ropeadope/stomp)
    3. walk away (swell session remix) - albanek (ecco chamber/creative vibes)
    4. strength (freeform five mix) - carolyn harding (cdr)
    5. work it - missey jingo (selected workz)
    6. alegre - truby trio (compost/creative vibes)
    7. nicolas - vetty (universal france)
    8. hold it down - quantic soul orchestra (tru thoughts/creative vibes)
    9. mon coeur - micatone (sonar kollektiv/creative vibes)
    10. intro
    11. a communion of my soul - geri allen (mark 1977)
    12. ja kom då - berndt egerbladh (metronome 1973)
    13. fly me to the moon - kirsti sparboe (nrk 197?)
    14. blues x - freddie redd trio (metronome 1956)
    15. karin's kick - karin krogh (metronome 1964)
    16. kiswahili - jan johansson (heptagon 1968)
    17. mind expansion (butti 49's fuji fusion) - kyoto jazz massive
    (compost/creative vibes)
    18. cool cat (butti 49 remix) - jol (quango)
    19. mama says - drilla feat box clever (nice nice)
    20. from grace - thomas dybdahl (ccap)
    21. seu paraiso (crate soul brothers remix) - arkestra one (cosmic sounds)
    22. beautiful - snoop dogg (emi)
    23. *the cusp - raph
    24. 2 tha left (nextmen remix) - dynamic syncopation (scenario)
    25. rise above it - maddslinky (laws of motion)
    26. motion control - spacek (k7/creative vibes)
    27. subject - dwele (virgin)

    For previous playlists, go to http://www.rrr.org.au/onair/shows/stylin.html.

    ***** ENNIO STYLES EVENTS *****
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    ***** LOCAL PEOPLE EP 001 *****
    4 tracks of Melbourne-produced live meets electronic soulful grooves.
    Support from Straight No Chaser magazine and DJs worldwide including Patrick
    Forge, Cliffy, Rainer Truby, Nicola Conte, Les Gammas, BNX, Michael Rutten,
    Recloose and many more.

    Out now on 12" and available at at these stores:
    Vinyl Junkies (London) http://www.vinyl-junkies.co.uk
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    Dancetracks (New York) http://www.dancetracks.com

    Sound samples here:
    Ennio Styles & Lanu "Psybossa"
    Suburban Lights "Jump Jazz"
    Lanu "Outrigger"
    Benjamin Tobias feat Wolfgramm "This Time"

    Interplanetary jazz beats and rhythms compiled by Ennio Styles and Kano.
    Rare and unreleased music from Pablo, Hajime Yoshizawa, Volker Meitz,
    Plutonic Lab & RuCL, Russ Gabriel, The Bamboos, Fragment Orchestra, Gotan
    Project, Joanna Law, Wagon Cookin and Swell Session. Crazy dope cover art by

    "One of the best for 2002" - Michael Rutten
    "deep, sexy, exotic music to be savoured; music that can make you think,
    feel and, of course, dance" - Play
    "incredibly good" - Zebra
    "recent cuts masquerading as forgotten masterpieces" - Zebra
    "a wonderful collection of undiscovered music" - TRM
    "guaranteed to keep you slipping this disc in the player - if you can get it
    out" - Remix
    "a touch of mastery" - inthemix.com.au

    Available now through Hardware Records (distributed in Australia by Shock).
    Buy it online through:
    Shock (Australia)
    Groovedis (Chicago) (sound samples online)


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