[acid-jazz] Urban Landscapes: Covers Show Tomorrow Night & More

From: Velanche (vstewart_at_calpoly.edu)
Date: 2003-03-07 03:23:19

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    U R B A N L A N D S C A P E S
           Global Club Culture...
               Made Fresh Weekly.

    Urban Landscapes hits the airwaves Friday evenings from 8-11pm PST on
    KCPR 91.3 FM. You can also listen to the show line on the Internet at
    http://kcpr.org/. Just click on the "Live" link at the top-left and
    follow the links toward the bottom of the page.

    If you miss the live show, you can hear it anytime via the Urban
    Landscapes web site at http://www.urbanlandscapesshow.com. The most
    recent show are usually posted a day or two after the broadcast on the
    site's home page.

    Be sure to tell your friends about the show!

    It's been pointed out to me that links to the show's most recent audio 
    archives, located in the Playlists section of the web site, were broken. 
    Thanks to the person who alerted me to the problem, the links have now 
    been repaired.
    Check out the show tomorrow, if you can. It's going to be a bit...different.
    Several shows from KCPR (mainly punk- and metal-related) have decided to 
    play all cover tunes on their shows this week. Word soon spread, and 
    then an open email was sent to all of the jocks at the station asking to 
    join in solidarity. Thus, Covers Week at KCPR was born.
    Now, I'm accepting the challenge.
    And so it was that my curiosity have gotten the better of me. I went 
    home, and raided my music collection (only half of it is there...the 
    other half is in storage at my mother's place in Las Vegas for about 4 
    years). I've started uncovering quite a few CDs and vinyls that I 
    haven't listened to in years. The musical salvaging operation surely 
    brought back memories with each song.
    I wasn't able to find everything that I've wanted...there were some 
    choice covers that I thought were wonderful, but somehow I've lost the 
    discs. In any event, we're going to see how all this goes, because 
    tomorrow night on the show will be a three-hour covers show (lame-assed 
    name for a show, but there you go). Some are warm, some are quirky, some 
    are downright...interesting. I hope you'll have as much fun listening as 
    it will be for me to share.
    Because of the last-minute addition of the covers show, the programming 
    schedule has been pushed back by about a week. Next week, expect the 
    regular Urban Landscapes deal with a lot of new music...and I mean lots! 
    I'll try to squeeze in some recent favorites, but if it's all new music 
    then don't be too surprised. The quality is just exceptional, so I look 
    forward to sharing it all with you on Friday March 14. Some of the music 
    will be reviewed this weekend for the next circular. (More details on 
    that below.)
    Dates for the Winter Quarter Rewind shows have now changed. Part 1, the 
    albums, will be on Friday March 21. Part 2, the singles/EPs, will be on 
    Friday March 28.
    The special European trip broadcast will now air on Friday April 4. 
    Regular programming will resume on Friday April 11. Details on some 
    additions are forthcoming.
    Be on the lookout for the next circular, which should make your inboxes 
    by early next week. The covers show (*cough*) should be posted for 
    listening, and you'll get to view the playlist for it as well. New 
    reviews should be attached, and (finally!!) the next installment of my 
    European trip stories.
    More news on the horizon regarding trip pictures & stories, and news of 
    my very first DJ gig with other fellow DJs that will happen in mid-April 
    here in San Luis Obispo.
    I hope you're able to tune in this week, on-air or online!
    Urban Landscapes proudly supports quality independent music from around 
    the world. Respect and gratitude to all the independent labels, radio 
    promotion folks, and related entities for sharing the wonderful musical 
    goods. The show has been keeping it real for five years, as the movement 
    continues to expand its influence.
    Please feel free to send promos/musical submissions (CD/CDR, vinyl, and 
    minidisc) for airplay and/or review consideration to:
    Velanche Stewart, Urban Landscapes
    258 Ramona Drive
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
    If you're available for interviews, we welcome them as well. Just send
    me an e-mail message to mail_at_urbanlandscapesshow.com.
    This newsletter is sent to DJs, record labels, promotion companies, and
    like-minded music lovers from around the world. If you wish to be
    removed from the list, please let me know.
    To be added to the weekly mailing list, please send me email.
    Have a great weekend!