[acid-jazz] FW: Vinyl Vriday Mar7, 2003 Feedback/Reviews

From: Citrona Recordings (info_at_citrona.net)
Date: 2003-03-07 18:42:45

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    Two little plugs for the boys involved..... keep reading....and thanks
    for doing your thing.


    Citrona Recordings

    ps TGIF

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    > Vinyl Vriday
    > DJ K-Swizzle's continuing quest for deepness, soul and funky house
    > Friday, March 7th, 2003
    > Spring is about to arrive and ironically as we herald and anxiously
    > its arrival (especially here in the northern part of the U.S. we also
    > anxiously await the Winter Music Conference. They can laugh and joke
    > winter in Miami cuz it almost never darkens that city's pastel colored
    > lifestyle. Am I jealous? Warm weather, scantily clad hard bodies and
    > beaches
    > on three coasts? What's there to be jealous about? Philly always
    > represents
    > correctly down at the WMC so if you drop by a Philly party and you
    > make you like you're a homie here's some stuff you'll need to know.
    > The secret to Philly Cheesesteaks is the bread. If the bread ain't
    > Amoroso's it ain't a Philly Cheesesteak.
    > There's no such thing as "east" Philly. You will hear cats
    > Norf
    > Philly, WesPhil, or Souf Philly, don't try to crash a party sayin' you
    > from East Philly. Better off sayin' Fishtown or K&A (which doesn't
    > Kick
    > n Ass).
    > Philly is a city and a county. If you say you're from Philly and they
    > what county, don't get tripped up.
    > OK, there's your lesson for today. Have a safe and prosperous trip and
    > sure to send me some sunshine as I hang inverted in my bat cave
    > this magnificent music.
    > First we get caught up with what the Citrona Recordings folks have
    been up
    > to. After a night of house, as deep as it gets, I like to chase that
    > with some after-hours down tempo juice. I don't get too much (some F8
    > in the day and a few Rhythm Love tracks from time to time), so to me
    > is
    > precious.
    > "Shaheed" (Citrona Recordings)
    > A1: DRM - Shaeed
    > A2: DRM - Shaeed -Greg Long remix
    > B1: DRM - Shaeed - Canton remix
    > B2: Monta - Exposed in Novosibirsk
    > Shaeed is roll back you eyes elegance, a la the once steady diet of
    > Recordings, a mainstay amongst my trippy sonic arsenal. Steeped in
    > melodies side A (both tracks) is like sniffing helium... they make you
    > light
    > headed if you concentrate on them too deeply. They also have that
    > of
    > slipping behind the scenes of conversation, filling the air with the
    > essence
    > of sound without being too obtrusive. Greg Long (a familiar down tempo
    > name)
    > adds a little bit o magic (a piano solo here and some rearranged drums
    > there) to the remix that bears him signature as well as a dub
    injection of
    > the B side (Canton mix). Drums introduce side B, which reveals the
    > funky intentions. Slip this into your 70s Blaxploitation set. Play it
    > you'll know why. Monta almost seems like a stowaway on this journey,
    > bringing psychefunkalectricity to the closing moments of the wax. It's
    > just
    > a teaser and seems to end just as it's becoming interesting. Perhaps
    > hear more. This was the fledgling label's second release and it sounds
    > like
    > they are groovin on the right track.
    > Vikter Duplaix (Hollywood Records)
    > A1: Morena (Extended Mix)
    > A2: Morena (Extended Instrumental)
    > B1: Morning Fun (Remix f. Common)
    > B2: Whereever You Are (album Version)
    > B3: Morning Fun (Instrumental)
    > First of all, (and you know there's some do-do when a sentence starts
    > like that), I am always rooting for Vik. He's a hellova producer, but
    > vocals on his tracks are usually weak. (He's not the only producer you
    > shouldn't be singing on his own tracks either, nonetheless...) Let's
    > downplay the overly studiofied vox and focus on the music. Duplaix and
    > co-producer James Poyser take the sound from the continent, Afrika
    that is
    > (via Bahia) with a funk afro-tech treatment that incorporates shades
    > Hugh
    > Masekela as well as more obscure tribal chants. The last few minutes
    > the
    > opening track are really interesting and I was hoping to get more of
    > Afrikanismo (drums, chants, etc.) on the extended instrumental, but
    > "instrumental" is a misnomer, because it's interrupted by vocals. Not
    > bearing, but I got the impression that the track would be better off
    > out them. We must give a musical nod to noted producer Joe Claussell
    > been meshing Afro-Brazilian flavors now for a minute. (In 1999
    > remixed Clara Moreno's, "Banana" in similar fashion). Side B finds
    > vocally struggling through two more tracks. "Morning Fun" is an R&B
    > hip-hop neck swinger with a cameo from Common. "Wherever You Are" is
    > and the instrumental version of "Morning Fun" is a true instrumental
    > likely provided with aspiring MCs in mind.
    > The Vitamin C EP (Citrona Recordings)
    > A1: Vitamin C (Greg Long)
    > A2: Vitamin C Orange Juice Mix (remixed by Kinder Atom of Nice &
    > Toronto)
    > B1: A Tang of Shady Orange Fingerflag, (Greg Long & Mark Blissenden)
    > B2: Sweet Lime (Greg Long)
    > There's a little bit of flare, yes indeed a bit of tang in this track.
    > While
    > you can still file it in the down tempo bin, it's a bit peppier than
    > previously mention record. Accentuated by jazzy keyboard work
    including a
    > few steady chords to hold the improvisational feel together this is a
    > that will please jazz fusionists and those who appreciate well layered
    > instrumental pieces. Subtly different, yet still providing a deep down
    > tempo
    > groove, a "Tang of Shady Orange" incorporates a shade of ethnic
    > Greg and Mark seem to play with sound, meticulous frivolity perhaps?
    > seems to stretch and bend and beats bounce around like children on a
    > trampoline. "Sweet Lime" closes the set in instrumental grandeur. It's
    > good transition track, from down tempo to deep house. Gimme the bridge
    > y'all.
    > THESE JUST IN: Literally
    > Just back from the post office and here's what will be on the decks
    > week.
    > Massive Attack "Special Cases"
    > Joel "Won't Take No" Brand new remixes (Electric Monkey)
    > That's all for now. Thanks to Moncef for looking out last week on the
    > Gotan
    > Project, looks like that CD was released last year. YIKES!!! My bad...
    > never
    > did get the cd though.. who knew.
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