RE: [acid-jazz] Winter Music Conference: Worth it?

From: Santiago Cevallos (
Date: 2003-03-09 01:29:33

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    As it gets bigger (WMC) of course you are going to encounter some
    mishaps, but the truth is that you can't get a better vibe anywhere in
    the world for a whole week than that week. As for parties being
    expensive, yeah you might encounter some that are overpriced like the
    Ultra Festival($75), but if you are on this list I would guess you don't
    want to see the trance mafia(Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Sander
    Chochaberg( or whatever his name is) charge you insane amounts of money
    to see them at a super club.

     The Compost party last year was $5,and we (Etihad/Amalgama
    records)charged $10, and we had an insane line up(Kaidi Tatham (live),
    Orin Walters, Seiji, Dego, Phil Asher, Titonton Duvante, Local 12). Not
    to say we didn't lose money, but it is a well known fact that people
    can't pay to much money for parties because there are so many. Point is
    you will find many parties that will have an awesome vibe, and if you
    are lucky and well connected, you will find yourself in some of the vip
    parties that are held in hotels far away from the masses.

    This year Etihad and Amalgama records is not throwing a party, but we
    will release our second 12" John Tejada/Titonton Duvante- Passing
    through (Ama002), It has a sick Alex Attias remix, so if you don't come
    out for conference, look for it from groove dis or directly from Goya.
    You can also still get Titonton Duvante;s first 12" for Amalgama,
    Curvaceous, which has a killer Opaque remix.

    Peace from the dirty south,

    Santiago Cevallos
    Amalgama/Etihad records

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    I haven't been back to S. Beach since living there in the early- to
    mid-'90s. I can't even imagine what it looks like now. When I lived
    the WMC was a pretty small affair and was definitely the highlight of
    clubbing year.

    I'm thinking about heading to Miami this year but I wonder, is it really

    worth it? I've heard all sorts of things about how the whole vibe has
    changed and how crass everything is now. Plus I guess there's a lot more

    gang-bangers than when I lived there (then it was crackheads).

    Anyway, the question is: is it worth it?

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