[acid-jazz] Crate Soul Brothers (Budapest) newsletter #100: Good News From Hungary

From: Crate Soul Brothers (keyser_at_freemail.hu)
Date: 2003-03-10 17:43:50

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    Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #100: Good News From Hungary

    Newsflash 10. March 2003

    Our dearest friends!

    After long weeks of silence we are back with a celebrational issue of the Crate Soul Brothers Newsletter. It's the 100th time we send our message in hundreds of virtual bottles to people who care. Our main aim with the newsletters has always been informing the hip world about what goes on in Budapest (or wherever our journey happens to take us) that escapes the eye of mainstream media. We always ignored the hype and focused on seemingly small but - for us at least - enormously important beats, musicians, events and tendencies.

    Our quest was solemn at first, but surprisingly soon we soon found many others sharing the same passion about music, travelling the same waves, living and loving by the same un-written rules. This way the newsletter thing became a source of inspiration for us as well, a way of getting in touch with people with a similar mind-set. We are thus more than grateful to all of you who have subscribed, read and asked questions or passed on information in exchange. All of you whom we later met by a set of 1200s or in small cafes or in the privacy of friendly homes or in dusty basement stores (those crate digging sessions will never be forgotten). All of you who have never met us for a moment but still care to recieve our newsletters no matter in what form or how irregularly they might arrive. Thanks again and keep on keeping on!

    We have been quiet for a while now and that was of course with a reason. Both of us are very busy with our daytime jobs and at the same time we both do our best to get our events started, get our radio back on air, get some music finished. We know that you have all experienced periods in your lives when everything seemed to race downhill, everything seemed to be out of control for good and all the road-signs were randomly turned around by mean spirits. We are just coming back from this swamp of things falling apart and as by a magic touch everything seems to go in the right direction. (We need tons of wood to knock on!)

    First of all, the live band of dZihan & Kamien has played a great gig a week ago in Budapest! Thanks to Tilos Radio for taking the financial risk in such trying times, the Austrian Cultural Forum for their generous support and everybody who made this night happen!

    By the time you read this, Tilos Radio (and thus our shows) will finally be back on air after long months of searching for the right way in a labirynth of technical, legal and financial problems. This is more than just good news. We haven't really felt at home in Budapest since our temporary broadcast licence was taken more than two years ago. Finally there is a station in Budapest we can listen to. Free from commercials and commercial approaches, political propaganda and ambitously empty talk radio blah-blah. Finally we'll be directly connected to our scene. To our people.

    Our monthly nights will also re-start soon after months of searching for the appropriate venue. We have hopefully found it and teamed up with Suhaid (one of our best friends in Budapest, a great dj and promoter of the amazing Jazz Turbulance events) to give it a new twist. For now, we'll keep further details secret, but quite soon you'll all know where it's at!

    And what about the newsletters you might ask. Will they be more frequent? Who knows. Our lives as our dj sets will remain hectic, so we might miss a week or two again, but we are sure you are heavily overloaded with information anyhow. Maybe too overloaded to even read those that get posted. Maybe we'll take Dom Servini's advice to write more about "recipes and porn and less stuff about that dodgy music that noone likes anyway..." :) Maybe we'll leave cyberspace soon as telepathy will be the next big thing (probably by the time we reach #200 that is).

    We'll still working on the methods and might just further develop the ways of Telepathic Fish, the early '90s London chill out party series. Chantal Passemonde, one of the promoters, remembers how it all started:

    "It happened one day when Kevin went to get some dope off this real bizarre Rastafarian in Brixton. He had this whole theory about feeding the five thousand. It was all very unclear, but it was about taking the fish and making it a part of you. It becomes part of your mind and your spirit, and somehow it is linked up with telepathy. How, I still don't know. They were all tripping at the time so we never managed to get the complete story. What they did was this bizarre ritual of swallowing a goldfish. "

    In David Toop (1995): Ocean of Sound, London: Serpent's Tail

    Keep on fishing for bizarre thoughts till next week!

    Keyser & Shuriken (Crate Soul Brothers)

    Tilos Radio (http://tilos.hu)
    A barazdan is csomot (Crate Soul Brothers radio show)
    (22-00h 06. 03. 2003) - DJ: Keyser

    Listen (archived till the next show):
    24 kbps: http://tilos.hu/ogg/lo/Thursday/2200.m3u
    96 kbps: http://tilos.hu/ogg/hi/Thursday/2200.m3u
    128 kbps: http://tilos.hu/mp3/96/Thursday/2200.m3u

    1. Lootpack - Crate Diggin' (Stones Throw)
    2. The Detroit Experiment - Space Odyssey (Ropeadope)
    3. Forms of Plasticity - Untrue Blue (Extraplatte)
    4. Bossa 70 - Birimbao (CDHW)
    5. Hipnosis feat. Marc Frank - My Words (Perfect.Toy)
    6. Povo - Shihab's Habit (Raw Fusion)
    7. Arkestra One - I Really Want You - Gak Sato mix (Cosmic Sounds)
    8. Steppah Huntah - Kwolg Universe (Soultronik)
    9. Joel Harrison - El Sonido Loco (Foundation)
    10. Jon Cutler feat. Sarah Anne Webb - Dawn (Afronaught mix) (Papa)
    11. Arkestra One - Filling It With Song - Eddy & Dus mix (Cosmic Sounds)
    12. Stateless - Leave Me Now (Compost)
    13. Damn - African-Scanian Music Continuum Rerouted (Raw Fusion)
    14. Hird feat. Yukimi Nagano - Keep You Kimi (DNM)
    15. Bacada - Turn Me (IntoThis)
    16. Slope - Basscheck (Sonar Kollektiv)
    17. Magic Number - Sorry (Mantis)
    18. Rosey - One - Koop mix (Island)
    19. Zagar - Bossa Astoria (UGAR)
    20. Seelenluft - LA Woman - Tipsy remix (Klein)
    21. Didier's Sound Spectrum - Composition 6 (Timmion)
    22. Common - I Am Music (MCA)
    23. Lament - Movement In The City (Counterpoint)

    Next events:
    12. April, Budapest, Rudas Bath: Cinetrip /Keyser & Shuriken
    25. April, Budapest, A38 /w Jazzanova (http://www.vmmuvek.hu)
    23. May, Budapest, A38 /w The Poets of Rhythm (live)