Re: [acid-jazz] Afro-Mystik ( Morphology)

From: Peter Nicholson (
Date: 2003-03-10 20:12:13

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    I saw them play 1.5 yrs ago and was totally blown away! Easily the best
    translation of an electronic act to the stage I've seen. Both the
    singer Omega and the percussionist JSN have great stage presence.
     They'll be doing a show @ WMC and then touring (20 US dates) beginning
    in May.
    I actually was a little bit disappointed by the album, but my
    expectations were definitely high. I thought it could have benefitted
    from some more editing, maybe a bit too much going on in some tracks.

    Hans De Bock wrote:

    > some weeks ago i reveived a copy of 'Morphology', the new Afro-Mystik
    > album,
    > and it truly is irresistibly sweet!
    > i was wondering if somebody saw them performing live (on Winter Music
    > Conference, The Sounds of OM Tour for instance), anybody?