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Date: 2003-03-11 14:51:00

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    >And of all us Bay Area types must see Cinematic Orchestra
    >in, that should be the show of all shows! Has anyone ever
    >seen/heard them live?

    here is the show of shows review from the premiere of The Cinematic
    Orchestra Man With A Movie Camera premiere that happened in London
    over the weekend.
    Bearing in mind that yours truly is the author of the following and
    it may appear in someone's mind to be self-absorbed spam - I wouldnt
    post this if I wasnt truly feelin it. My comments about Jaga are
    genuine. I did not feel the first lp but I'm truly convinced these
    guys are future jazz.

    ok, we dont usually write reviews of our own shows.
    it's really bad form isnt it? but it isnt that often we
    have two incredible shows on the same weekend at two different large
    art centres in London.

    in the waybacks, i used to be a journalist and write reviews for
    magazines, so indulge me for 3 minutes cause both groups have tourage
    & releases coming & altho some of you were there.....

    The Cinematic Orchestra "Man With A Movie Camera" at the Barbican
    This was a most incredible and ambitious undertaking to open the
    Barbicans Only Connect Festival - a Festival almost designed for the
    interconnnectivity that The Cinematic Orchestra respresents in its
    name and sound.

    I'd seen a preview of what TCO had planned on video and in December
    at Cargo, but nothing prepared me for Saturday night - A 2003
    soundtrack to contemporaise a 1923 Russian movie. And what a Russian
    movie - Man With A Movie Camera Its not only about Cinema its
    psychedelic to think these majic film techniques wre in use in Russia
    in 1923! For the evening, Cinematic added a special string section,
    including Wayne from Pest on cello - they presented an awesome
    soundtrack that anticipated and enhanced every visual in the film.
    Tom chant blowing his horn as loud as a foghorn as the boat was
    pulling into port. It flowed without the musicians being conscious
    of the film behind them at times, while at other times they became
    part of the movie!

    Its too commercial to suggest that Jason Swinscoe and The Cinematic
    Orchestra have the potential to be the next John Williams the UK
    produces. But they do. This is a show you wont want to miss
    whether its in a sit down or club venue. Its astounding. It will
    make you want to have the DVD! As for the post party - Ninjas stayed
    on to enjoy a Saturday night of Strictly Kev & DK fueling our brains
    with famous soundtracks until Homelife crowded the stage. They
    never cease to amaze with their incredible interaction and once again
    the vocals of Seaming To sent the shivers right down my spine.
    Cinematic Orchestra tour dates can be found here:
    begin on the 28th of March in Amsterdam.

    Jaga Jazzist "Stix" album premiere at Ether Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall
    Many Ninjas still buzzing from the night before headed to
    the Southbank of London to check out Jaga Jazzist Sunday night.
    Especially as the BBC and several other websites had picked up them
    in year end polls for 2002. After a lot of 2ing and froing to the
    sound-desk it was apparent there were multiple sound toys that needed
    to be checked to ensure they appeared in the mix of sound.
    When the lights finally dimmed the corwd roared as the ten musicians
    took to the stage in the most non-trad jazz configuration i've ever
    seen - xylophones upfront, drums to the side, a girl on a tuba!!!,
    upright bass, beat boxes, guitars, synthesisers - not a laptop in
    site - what the ???

    Jaga Jazzist live are the energy of break beat drum n bass patterns
    rolled into the swift action of a Shaft or contemporary thriller
    movie soundtrack. It's relentless. It's pounding but melodic and
    rhythmic while retaining elements of Zappa and punk. It's wall of
    sound (no pun or reference to record label intended). It's dense
    and crystal clean at the same time. Its Jazz for the 22nd Century
    Generation! Jaga's ring leader drummer is more mental than Homelife's
    percussionist who I thought topped the bill when he brought out baby
    toys to make noise with on Saturday nite! Broken beats. Glitch Pop.
    Blip Jazz .... Break Beat Punk Jazz Band. Power punk jazz? The
    sound was larger than large. None of those soundbites are accurate.

      The new lp Stix is on its way to you and it should be up on the
    press site pretty soon-ish. Listen to it loudly - If techno were
    made with real instruments this would be it - but its not. (ok, that
    was zen). It is what it is.

    Jaga - does this mean jagged? Rip apart your conception of what is
    and isnt. Put it this way - you gotta gotta see these guys when they
    come back to Ocean Rooms on 1st of May. It'll be a May Day you wont
    forget. 10 Norwegians on a mission. Stage jumping/diving - you will
    want to go there.

    self induced hype genuine and represent the opinions of the author
    and not ninja tune itself.

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