Re: [acid-jazz] Jazzhole On Soul-Patrol.Com

Date: 2003-03-11 15:40:36

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    Of course it should! Do u really need to ask?

    Being in London means I don't have the same picture of black music stations as is in the US. Nonetheless with a choice between mainly black pop music (mainstream R&B) eurofied dance noise, or insipid elevator jazz, between Choice, Kiss, and Jazz FM, respectively I tend to avoid daytime radio. There are of course great specialist shows, even though they are decreasing all the time. The BBC London headcull of the likes of coldcut and Bob Jones was a sad day. Patrick Forge keeps getting pushed further and further into the timezone for taxi drivers and nightshift workers only.

    Progressive black music that is born out of self-expression rather than a desire for record sales is of course in need of a platform. So whether it be Jazzhole, Quite Sane, or Meshell Ndegeocello this stuff needs needs an outlet.

    Whether or not you can get that change to take place on radio I don't know. I think most here would agree that online listening has and is proving to be the solution. Whether it be Gilles Peterson on the BBC or independent web-only operations like or , I'm more likely these days to be looking for my fix of progressive black music from the internet.
    That was always what attracted me to the medium. Back in 97 listening to,, and

    Current mixtape selection:
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    Donnie - Rocketship
    Blaze - World Peace
    Paula Lima - Perdao, Talvez
    Mr Scruff - Come Alive
    Dwele G - Groove with me
    Quite Sane - Child of troubled times
    Carmen Lundy - Better luck next time