Re: [acid-jazz] Titonton march 15 in LA?

From: Lars Behrenroth / BOC Productions (
Date: 2003-03-12 17:44:41

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    >Yeah, I don't know what Designforms are thinking. It's hard enough to get a
    >turn out in LA anyway. What, they only want the "true headz"? Please. I
    >gave up going to this show already, every "hotline" number I've found is

    I must say that Jonra is one of the very few who takes care
    of good music in LA and get's the people together who
    already know about the people he books and tries
    to keep the raver kiddies out who just end up asking
    about chemical brothers or shit like that ..
    last time Titonton was in LA the turnout wasn't that
    bad and the music as far as I heard was off the hook!..
    same when he did the thing with theo parrish etc!..

    it's hard to get a venue in LA unless you want some
    typical KCRW cafe latte loving crowd to stand around
    and think 'how cool are we that we are here but what
    is this music' .. nuthng aainst KCRW in this regard :)

    give him a break, go and find out it was worth it!

    peace out and just my 2 cents..
    wish I could be there ..

    lars behrenroth - hamburg, germany

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