[acid-jazz] Cuki chart.13.03.03

From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart_at_calpoly.edu)
Date: 2003-03-13 19:43:56

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    Quant feat Ernesto's - Miracle man/Revenge (Hird remix) (ecco.chamber)
    We got da 12"! Starring Ernesto, Jonas and da Hird.

    Dwele - Subject (Virgin) CD-R
    At last, mastered, finished, proper? 30 months is a long time in the
    hush hush!

    Slope feat Jane Hamilton - Find our love (Sonar Kollektiv) CD-R
    Best mish mash of electronica in my ear!

    Rima - This world (JCR/Compost) CD-R
    Holes in the soles! Album! Wet! Very wet!

    Truby Trio - Elevator Music (Compost) CD-R
    It's Ken from the Hudson People, and friends, and strange endings?

    Rednose Distrikt feat Alma Horton - Gotta make a move (DJ Spinna
    remix)(Kindred Spirits) CD-R
    Off the frigging scale! Hold on Cuki, hold on?

    N'dambi - Call me (Yam who rework)(DAM) 12"
    We know the Yamster! We know the Yamster! We know the Yamster!

    Gonky Business - Blow my mind (Naked) 12"
    Honest it's called Gonky bizniz.

    Ernesto's - Here my/Portuguese nights (Swell Session remix)(Hollow) 12"
    Gonky scooter boy and friends continue to amaze us!

    Phil Parnell - Runaway (mixes)(Mantis) 12"
    Delicious with a piece of cheese!

    Modaji - Livewire (Super 8) 12"
    At last, on a Super 8 sounding phat twelve

    Break Reform - Fractures (Abstract Blue) 2xLP
    Soulful runnings indeed.

    V/A - Club Bogaloo (Spinning Wheel) CD-R
    Loving the Alex Phountzi and Jimpster biz!

    Reunion - Strange Attention (Seiji remix)(Sonar Kollektiv) 12"
    Another outragous Seiji joint to get wet over!

    RSL - Wesley (Players) 12"
    Top Snatch tip off! Aiiiiight!

    Vikter Duplaix - Morena (Remix) (Hollywood) 12"
    More stories from a 21st century pimpster

    Yesterdays Quintet - Weldon suite (Stones Throw) 12"
    Showing the best style of respect.

    Oba Funke - Bush Workout (Attica Blues mix)(Karma Giraffe) 12"
    Best remix finally arrives.

    Patrik Smaaland - Inner Stength (Rush hour) 12"
    From up north somewhere?

    North West Metropolis - Inside Out (Unexpected) CD-R
    Hip hop Rush Hour stylee!

    Stateless - The art of no State (Freerange) CD-R
    There is a place called Gonkyburg!

    Jazzinho - Sim Ou Nao/Constelacao (Quant remix)(ecco.chamber) 12"
    Some sweet little jazz is coming! And another 'Oh my God' from

    Jol - Cool Cat (Swell Session & Butti 49 remixes)(Quango) 12"
    Gonkyburg creator gets rubbed up good and proper

    P'taah - Starring at the sun (Ubiquity) 2xLP & 12"
    Out dare fusion digerty do! Lovin it!

    .tape. - My dugong loves your sea-cow (Mira) 10"
    About the impossible love between a dugong and a sea-cow?

    Hanna - The Race (Dharma One remix)(Freerange) CD-R
    Kiitos to Tom and Jamie

    Quantic - Off the Beatin track (Carmel mix)(Tru Thoughts) 12"
    You have to have a cigarette? And you will be happy man!

    Emo - First time experiences (Povo remix)(Stereo Deluxe) 12"
    All inna Jimmy stylee!

    V/A - Be Arisionable (Arision) CD-R
    Check the Domu track, then check the strings on the Hopper track! Ouch!

    Spacek - Vintage HiTech (!K7) CD-R & 12"
    ALBUM! La Bougie is making me damp!

    Micatone - Is you is (Sonar Kollektiv) CD-R
    PP Pyjama girls were right!

    Zuco 103 - Treasure (Gerd 4lux remix)(Ziriguiboom) CD-R
    Brazilian vocals, broken beats! You'll be needing diapers!

    Kommse - Metabo Man (Freude am Tanzen) 2xLP
    Top tip off! Ta Dr Rich.

    Acoustic Dub Messengers - Sabara (Gak Sato remix)(Temposhere) 2xCD
    Perfect after a hard nights skanking and drinking bullshit lemonade

    Freddie Kruger - The Hustle (B boy disco edit)(Jugglin) CD-R
    Swedish boogie thang! Mats comes through yet again

    Playin 4 the City - The Share EP (La Rosiere) 12"
    Worthing sharing, P4TC go broken, believe.

    Soulstance - The time (Schema) CD-R
    Ishtar bossa beauty! Pass the towel to Nippon

    Vinia Mojica - Guilt Junkie (Giant Step) CD-R
    And Ted was right? Giant Step on the bus!

    DJ Rells - Diggin' in Brownswood (Stones Throw) 2xLP
    West London now west coast. Madlib goes broken!
    V/A - Future Sound of Jazz Vol 9 (Compost) 3xLP
    Gonkyburg well represented, Mr Compost knows a good tuna!

    Paine - Spontaneous (Volcov remixes)(Temposhere) CD-R
    The boy done good! 4-4-2 or 5-3-2, it's all good!

    Spaceboys - Space is the place (Nylon) CD-R
    Portugal is the place too? Ridiculous cover version

    Loopless - Waiting in vain (Nylon) CD-R
    Loving it! This waiting will be worth it!

    David Walters - Song 4 Letta (Ya Basta) CD-R
    Afro skank, broken and true to the source

    Quantic Soul Orchestra - Hold it down (Tru Thoughts) CD-R
    4 Hero get Quantized. Old school stylee

    Till the next time, stay lovely, luv ya boots, bussi baba, Cuki out.

    Alan Brown. Soul Seduction Distribution, Gonzagagasse 19, A-1010 Vienna,
    Mob/SMS +43 699 1260 4000, e-mail cukipapa_at_chello.at, ICQ #, 177682136