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Date: 2003-03-14 01:19:41

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    Feature :: Rasa (bayaka), O.N.O./Daily Yomiuri

    the portion on Rasa should be of interest to people here. Rasa is made
    up of the same duo from bayaka. the writer also alludes the Rasa sound
    to 'Bitches Brew.'

    source: Daily Yomiuri
    In Your Ear
    Paul Jackson Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer
    The Unknighted Nations
    Revirth, 2,730 yen
    The title alone could inspire a late night debate about its intended
    meaning, especially at this pivotal juncture in time. But putting such
    speculations to one side, the music on this release certainly will
    challenge the mental circuitry of most listeners.
    Very much a move toward the deep and abstract, Rasa is the latest
    project by Bayaka, an electronica double act made up of producer and
    deejay Mitsuru Matsuki and talented programmer Teruo Seno. Bayaka are
    better known for their warm, electronica-meets-world music releases that
    give the more house-inspired Chari Chari a run for his globetrotting
    money as last year's impressive Inner Film showed.
    But Bayaka as Rasa produce a different sound altogether.
    This is moody, brooding electronica mixed with live instrumentation that
    will inspire an inward journey of meditation for those who are open to
    sounds that do not offer up any immediate or obvious hook or motif.
    Perhaps this music is even a little antisocial and best appreciated
    through a set of personal headphones.
    The most rewarding moments are the Bitches Brew-evoking "Optic
    Realities," "Round Midnight" (which has more to do with a detective
    story than a jazz standard) and "Whims of Usus," an atmospheric
    confluence of Middle Eastern character and electronic gadgetry.
    In its weakest moments, though, The Unknighted Nations sounds like a
    directionless jam session featuring a frustrated rock bassist, a retro
    guitarist and a hyperactive drum programmer.
    Meanwhile, some of the transitions within tracks are more unsettling
    than those between tracks.
    But for the most part, the release delivers some great sounds for fans
    of introverted electronica. Mitsuru's production is very clean while the
    placement and variety of Seno's beats is at times mesmerizing. Also
    impressive are guest musicians, Bucci on wandering trumpet, Tokyo
    Zawinul Bach's Masayasu Tzboguchi on intense keyboards and Takuyuki
    Moriya on a bowed double bass that is positively head scouring.
    Six Month At Outside Stairs
    Tha Blue Herb Recordings, 2,940 yen
    Those wanting to delve still further into the realms of the abstract
    might next consider this release from the track-producing half of
    off-the-wall hip-hop outfit, Tha Blue Herb.
    Much darker and even less organic than The Unknighted Nations, this
    album could conceivably represent the inner thoughts of someone confined
    to an outdoor staircase for six months.
    There's no live instrumentation on the album, but there are a lot of
    industrial beats to make up for it. In fact, a prolonged listen to this
    while under the influence might bring back memories of a previous
    incarnation as some kind of piston on a factory assembly line.
    But if you are looking for some electronica to accompany a dark
    introspective mood, this release will certainly fulfill its role.
    The pick of the 10 tracks are the brooding "Ereticent" and the dreamlike
    "Narrowboat," which makes use of a Japanese festival flute sample.
    O.N.O. appears to use the same sample--after it has been stretched
    around and filtered through various effects--on two other tracks as a
    kind of motif.
    But while these tracks are very effective, some of the others generate a
    lot of tense expectation without delivering and would benefit from a
    little more arrangement so as to maintain interest longer.
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