From: Lars Behrenroth / BOC Productions (lars_at_housesound.com)
Date: 2003-03-14 20:02:36

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    >>DESIGNFORMS research....
    >>Saturday, back for more. Last time I had the honor to have such a
    >>great talent such as Mr. Titonton Duvante not only were jaws
    >>hitting the floor as everyone left the party , the look on
    >>everyone's face after they saw what kind of display was represented
    >>on the dex, by this man , and how truley sick and inovative this
    >>man was on the dex, everything from broken beat to upbeat quirky
    >>techno, to deep ass moody trax, was truely a sight for all to see
    >>and hear..................and with this I give you our new
    >>resident, along with myself (jonra), come check out something new ,
    >>fresh and truely the next step towards the future of dance
    >>music...come take a listen....just some food for thought.....Jonra
    >>resident tek freaks
    >>Titonton Duvante ( residual records )
    >>production works includes- Jazzanova, Carl Craig, John Tejada, Todd
    >>Sines, Dan Curtin, Seiji, Planet-E, 2000 black, 7th City, Deep
    >>Departures, Rush Hour, Metro Area, Phono ....and the list
    >>Jonra ( dfr-los angeles)
    >>data information lines (323)908-3080.......
    >>$10 all night it will be located in hollywood
    >>for guest list e-mail designforms_at_hotmail.com
    >>ALL MUST RSVP FOR GUEST LIST by 3-14 at 5pm after that list is closed
    >>coming in the spring of 2003.........
    >>THE RIP OFF ARTIST (live)....
    >>TITONTON DUVANTE (live & dj set) with featured percussionist... DFR
    >>2 year anniversary.....
    >>much respect to all promoters, dj's , producers and fellow tek
    >>freaks in LA..keep it alive....jonra

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