[acid-jazz] GHC / todays' show / XM radio etc.

From: Lars Behrenroth / BOC Productions (lars_at_housesound.com)
Date: 2003-03-16 17:07:48

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    1 0 0 th globalhouseconnection show coming up - today plus 1 0


    wow . it took 2 months to send out another newsletter ..
    well , it's worth it - w e t h i n k - from tonite on we are broadcasting
    on the JAZZMUSIQUE channel at http://www.netmusique.com

    thanks to Hali and Jeff for making that happen.
    If you always tune in, using the livestream links
    on http://www.globalhouseconnection.com then
    you don't have to worry about anything.
    just go to the site and click on the updated links!

    ----...... n e w l o g o:
    as a few of you might have already noticed .
    we have a new logo .. thanks to bernd brink
    from weissraum - hamburg ..

    let us know what you think about it and check out
    the new forums on our GHC messageboard while
    you listen to todays live show!!!

    GLOBAL HOUSE CONNECTION #90 (times .. see below)
    presented and mixed by

    a variety of broken beats, deephouse, hip-hop, soul, jazz, afro, latin
    broadcasted live every sunday via netmusique.com & archived 24/7
    .. all shows archived, all playlists (fully searchable database),
    webcam, messageboard and more info at

    20.00-22.00 (hamburg) -- 19.00-21.00 (london) -- 21.00-23.00 (helsinki)
    2pm-4pm (nyc) --- 1pm-3pm (chicago) --- 11am-1pm (la)
    4am-6am (melbourne) --- monday 4am-6am (tokyo)

    ----...... S O O N ..
    global house connection goes nationwide in the US

    GHC will be syndicated on XM Satellite Radio all over
    the US starting in a few weeks!!
    stay tuned for

    todays show will be the first to be syndicated on XM Radio

    stay tuned ... lars behrenroth & constantin groll

    all livestreaming by http://netmusique.com
    mp3 archives hosted by http://morefreaky.com
    realaudio archives hosted by http://clubradio.net
    show is archived and in rotation on http://cosmium.net