[acid-jazz] Urban Landscapes Tomorrow Night (Friday March 21): News, Picks & Last Week's Playlist

From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart_at_calpoly.edu)
Date: 2003-03-21 05:54:10

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    Keeping things on the short this week.
    First off, the Urban Landscapes domain seems to have gone south last 
    weekend, and had been inaccessible over the web for almost a week. The 
    glitches have now been worked out on the ISP end of things, and it's 
    back online.
    Last Friday's broadcast is now posted--both in audio and playlist forms. 
    Check it at http://urbanlandscapesshow.com, or click on the link in the 
    "Last Week's Playlist" section below.
    Tonight kicks off the quarterly biz that I do, showcasing some of the 
    better digs during the last ten weeks. Part One of the Winter Quarter 
    Rewind show will focus this week on the albums, while next week's Part 
    Two show will target those nice singles and EPs that you may wish to add 
    to your collection.
    The special broadcast on my recent trip to Europe will air on Friday 
    April 4. More details soon. Further details will also soon be had on the 
    Urban Landscapes Guest Mix segment. And yes, more is on the way so hang 
    Quite a few of your listers are soaking it up at Miami's Winter Music 
    Conference this week. Feel free to drop me a line to let me know how 
    things went. That be all fer now!
    VELANCHE'S SOUNDSCAPES FOR MARCH 2003 (In no particular order)
    1.  Gotan Project--Santa Maria/Triptico 12":
           Tom Middelton & Peter Kruder Remixes) (XL)
    2.  Various Artists--On The Right Track sampler 12" (Do Right/Canada)
    3.  Various Artists--Future Sounds of Jazz 9 (Compost)
    4.  Banda Favela--Remixes EP #1 & #2 12" (Head To Toe/Italy)
    5.  Shaun Escoffery--Let It Go: Jazzanova Vocal Mix (Oyster/UK)
    6.  Various Artists--Jazz Bizniz 3 (Counterpoint test/UK)
    7.  Quantic--Search The Heavens 12" (Tru Thoughts/UK)
    8.  Nigel Hayes--It's Your Move (Sunshine Enterprises test/Austria)
    9.  Phuturistix--Feel It Out 12": original & Daluq Remixes
           (Hospital white/UK)
    10. Various Artists--The Return of the PJ Project Vol. 3 12" (?)
    11. Various Artists--Stereo Deluxe One (Stereo Deluxe/Germany)
    12. Mauracher--Meilenstein 12" (Fabrique/Austria)
    13. Kemit Sources--Play EP 12"(Versatile/France)
    14. Various Artists--Fantastic Freeriding (Switchstance/Germany)
    15. Various Artists--Playlist (JCR/Compost)
    16. Quantic--Off The Beaten Track: Carmel remix (Tru Thoughts CD-R/UK)
    17. Anorganik featuring Sena--Endlessly (Atlas CD-R/Hungary)
    18. Massive Attack--Special Cases 12":
           Luomo & Akufen Remixes (Melankolic promo)
    19. Miguel Migs--Dubplate Sessions 12" (NRK/UK)
    20. Bassman--Minimal Distraction (Fabrique/Austria)
    **April picks next week**
    LAST WEEK'S PLAYLIST (listen to the show at 
    1.  Arkestra One featuring Nina Miranda--Seu Paraiso (Crate Soul 
    Brothers Remix)
    (Cosmic Sounds CD-R)
    2.  Supersoul--Her Name Is Radharani
    40 Acres & A Moog (Metatronix)
    3.  DJ Krush--But The World Moves ON (featuring D-Madness & Masato Nakamura)
    Message At The Depth (Red Ink)
    4.  Via Tania--Drift Away (Prefuse 73 Remix)
    Under A Different Sky sampler EP (Chocolate Industries)
    5.  DJ Spinna--Rock (Unplugged)
    12" (BBE)
    6.  William D. Portis Jr.--Afro Dream
    Jazz Bizniz 3 compilation (Counterpoint test/UK)
    7.  Daniel Magg--The Last Samba
    Facets (Compost)
    8.  Don Byron--Belmundo's Lip (DJ Spooky Remix)
    9.  Medeski, Martin & Wood--Uninvisible (DJ Smash Remix)
    DJ Smash Presents Phonography 2 compilation (Blue Note)
    10. P'Taah--Late Night Sun
    Staring At The Sun (Ubiquity)
    11. The Troublemakers--Get Misunderstood (Quantic Remix)
    12" (Guidance)
    12. Les Voleurs--Starlight
    (Schiffo Disko CD-R/UK)
    13. Jol--Cool Cat (Butti 49 Remix)
    12" (Quango)
    14. Jori Hulkkonen--Latin Taiga
    Different (F Communications/PIAS America)
    15. Quantic--Off The Beaten Track (Carmel Remix)
    (Tru Thoughts CD-R/UK)
    16. Original Soulboy--Touch The Sun (Zero dB Remix)
    Zero dB: Reconstruction (Fluid Ounce test/UK)
    17. Slope--Basscheck (Forss Remix)
    12" (Sonar Kolletiv/Germany)
    18. Underwolves--In The Picture (Integra Broken Boogie Remix)
    Playlist EP 12" (JCR/Compost)
    19. Phil Parnell--Runaway (Mantis Recordings Filmix)
    12" (Mantis UK/white)
    20. Audio Soul Project--Intrinsic (Nathan Larsen's Gentle Victims Dub)
    Unreleased Dubs Part 1 2x12" (NRK/UK)
    21. Osunlade Presents Nadirah Shakoor--Pride (Main Mix)
    12" (Set/France)
    22. Miguel Migs--Dubpusher (Migs Ruba Dub Mix)
    Dubplate Sessions 12" (NRK/UK)
    23. Weekend Players--I'll Be There (Gabriel & Dredsen Mix)
    12" (FFRR)
    24. Anorganik featuring Sena--Endlessly
    (Atlas CD-R/Hungary)
    25. London Elektricity--Harlesden
    (Hospital CD-R/UK)
    26. Biomechanique--Jizungle
    Live At Lump Gravy (Psychosomatic)
    27. Peppe Barra--Core Nira (Azoia Dub Mix)
    12" (Temposphere/Italy)
    28. Buelent--To Me
    Stereo Deluxe One compilation (Stereo Deluxe)
    29. Henri Salvador--Jazz Mediterraine (Koop Remix)
    DJ Smash Presents Phonography 2 compilation (Blue Note)
    30. P'Taah--Path
    Staring At The Sun (Ubiquity)
    Urban Landscapes proudly supports quality independent music from around
    the world. Respect and gratitude to all the independent labels, radio
    promotion folks, and related entities for sharing the wonderful musical
    goods. The show has been keeping it real for over five years, as
    themovement continues to expand its influence.
    Please feel free to send promos/musical submissions (CD/CDR, vinyl, and
    minidisc) for airplay and/or review consideration to:
    Velanche Stewart, Urban Landscapes
    258 Ramona Drive
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    If you're available for interviews, we welcome them as well. Just send
    me an e-mail message to mail_at_urbanlandscapesshow.com.
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    Peace...now, more than ever.