RE: [acid-jazz] Wordless People member debut

From: Wyclef Simmons (
Date: 2003-03-25 16:19:52

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    >Daniel Magg. The album is called FACETS. Should be out now or very soon.

    Thanks... Although I'll have to admit that I'm quite blind - go to Compost's
    website. Pretty much the first thing you see is a HUGE ad of this album...

    BTW. I'm becoming more interested in the "nu-jazz" genre and the Compost &
    JCR stuff. Any suggestions (compilations etc.)? There seems to be a lot of
    interesting albums but those sound samples are so short. I'm thinking of
    getting the "Playlist" and "FSOJ Vol 9" compilations. I downloaded the Kyoto
    Jazz Massive instrumental MP3 and liked it.

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