[acid-jazz] late check in

From: J-Justice (jason_at_suntzusound.com)
Date: 2003-03-27 20:03:24

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    here;s another late report from miami.
    pictures can be found here:

    the SunTzu Sound crew made their first trip
    and survived. we got there late on tuesday
    and heading right for the ubiquity party which was a bit odd
    cuz it was in a restaurant with no dancefloor and $14 vodka/sodas...

    got to meet aaron from ubiquity who is a great chap.

    then off to the compost party which really got the week of to a great start.
    metro area and koop were DJing.
    followed by a phenomenal set by the truby trio in the main room
    with gilles peterson providing the commentary. the new truby trio album
    is absolutely fantastic and i will do very well for the label
    as its definately their best release yet.
    finally found a decent bartender at Goddess and rocked some
    "short" island icedteas....

    the crown jewel of the week was the bugz in the attic/jazzanova party.
    so many great people to meet and chat with. handed out all of our shirts
    in less than an hour. we had afronaught rockin' our shirt up in the booth!
    they dropped the new macy gray bugz remix on us 3 or 4 times
    and that still wasnt enough. that was the tune of the week!
    we were als treated to shaun escoffery and captiol a on the mic.
    the one-tet live!

    off then to the future party
    where charlie dark destroyed the crowd with hiphop, brokenbeats, 2step and
    some solemn jazz to make you remember. then jazzy jeff blew me away.
    i didnt expect much but it was unreal. check him in your area if he comes
    thru. party rockin' history lesson for the rump!

    the rest of the week was a blur of heat and food and drink and jazz (caught
    a last minute party at Jazid with julie dexter and band with singer joy
    jones and the bugz crew playing records in the loft)

    my sunburn is gone along with all my $$.
    sorry to beth for not making it to touch.
    i really wanted to go and hear rainer play again
    and meet you but my body wouldnt allow it.

    hope everyone else got home safely and had a great time.
    be in touch if you wanna swap more stories.

    peace + respect
    Seattle, WA