SEE A LIVING JAZZ LEGEND!! (Re: [acid-jazz] Wordless....2nd Good Good)

From: t-bird (
Date: 2003-03-28 01:47:09

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    --- MGA Update <> wrote:
    > tbird
    > u trying to tell me u'd rather hear herbie on piano
    > than me? shame on ya...
    > how was it?

    i'd never seen herbie live before (although i've seen
    miles), so it was a must.

    royce hall is a great venue for listening to music,
    however, i have to agree w/my friend that jazz does
    make you want to "get your drink on..." so it's a drag
    that you have to sit quiet & drinklessly.

    he played w/terri lynne carrington (original drummer
    for arsenio hall's show--she left to tour w/wayne
    shorter), another musician i'd never seen live, and
    was excited to hear. the audience really loved
    her--everytime her name was mentioned the crowd went
    gary thomas (tenor sax/flute) and scott colley (double
    bass) were excellent. extra props to mr. colley for
    making the funk believable on a double bass--jazz guys
    can't always pull it off (notable exception--ron

    they started by playing really "out"--i was quite
    surprised by that. eventually the funk started to
    rear it's head (although it was an acoustic quartet),
    and the crowd got a bit more into it. some classics
    that got rocked were "footprints" (from miles'
    'nefertiti'), reconstituted versions of "dolphin
    dance" ('maiden voyage') & "funkalero" (a tune by bill
    evans--the pianist) and an unexpected but very welcome
    "chameleon" (opener on 'headhunters'). it's amazing
    to hear someone i've gleaned so much from "in the
    moment" reharmonizing on the spot.

    can't find enough good words--2 hours of pleasure...


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