[acid-jazz] Picks :: Copa Salvo, Apartment Studio

From: Wesley (wesleyhongkong_at_earthlink.net)
Date: 2003-03-28 21:55:42

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    Picks :: Copa Salvo, Apartment Studio

    came across some really nice indie Cuban, Latin, funk rock bands. sound
    samples included.

    - Copa Salvo
    a sextet of musicians from Japan on the Cuban tip of things. a really
    tight, celebratory sound. their website is here:
    como diamante: http://www.rdrecords.com/_sound/rdr2003_2.ram
    rabbit dance: http://www.rdrecords.com/_sound/rdr1036_4.ram
    a la vera del rio: http://www.rdrecords.com/_sound/rdr1033_3.ram
    wave: http://www.rdrecords.com/_sound/rdr1033_4.ram
    mindful: http://www.rdrecords.com/_sound/cop_mind.ram

    - Apartment Studio
    fantasma ~when you woke up in Sunday noon~:
    Menina Da Selva: http://www.rdrecords.com/_sound/sta_som.ram
    campo a primavela: http://www.rdrecords.com/_sound/sa01.ram

    - Ego Wrappin'
    in case you're not already familiar with this exceptional,
    must-hear-must-buy band, there's tons of sound samples here:

    there are also other hip-hop, jazz fusion samples on the page,


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