[acid-jazz] Review+Features:: Sleep Walker, Yuki (Judy & Mary), Asian Dub Foundation

From: Wesley (wesleyhongkong_at_earthlink.net)
Date: 2003-03-29 03:51:17

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    Review+Features:: Sleep Walker, Yuki (Judy & Mary), Asian Dub Foundation

    a review of the new Sleep Walker album and links to Yuki (Judy & Mary)
    and Asian Dub Foundation features at Metropolis, which have been up for
    a while already.

    Sleep Walker
    With the gathering of Sugimoto Tomokazu, Fujii Nobuaki, former Mondo
    Grosso groover Nakamura Masato, and the ever omnipresent Yoshizawa
    Hajime the all-star quartet of Sleep Walker is created.  Post-bop and
    avant-jazz are filtered through the bandís acuity for memorable melodies
    and riveting rhythms.  Although this is their self-titled debut, they
    sound and play like this is their nth album together.  Altogether, it
    sounds like an update of the great 60ís British jazz sounds.  Drummer
    Fujii fires hits and taps that ripple in engaging cascades like stones
    skipping on water, wood-bassist Sugimoto breathes a feeling of
    expectancy into the low-end, and band leader Nakamura, largely
    responsible for the melodic leads, delivers Pharoah Sanders-inspired
    sax.  Yoshizawa, the virtuoso pianist with a celebrated acid jazz and
    nu-jazz history, paints the back- and foreground with layers of his
    twinkling optimism.   A lovely musical family these four are.
    Wesley Chu
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