[acid-jazz] News :: Beady Belle's Newly Released Second Album

From: Wesley (wesleyhongkong_at_earthlink.net)
Date: 2003-03-30 03:56:07

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    News :: Beady Belle's Newly Released Second Album

    the second album by this duo, who i've been raving about since their
    debut some years back, is about to be released in Europe--April 8--but
    is already out in Japan. dg has a review of it, and indicates the
    Japanese version carries extra track(s). also a preview of the album
    cover, link below and the tracklisting. if someone has the Japanese
    version, please tell us what's in it.
    hmv japan is carrying both versions:


    source: Dusty Groove and HMV Japan
    Beady Belle  -- Cewbeagappic (Japanese version -- bonus track)
    Jazzland (Japan), 2003
    Stunning -- simply stunning! This new album by Scandinavian singer Beady
    Belle is the first to really unlock her full potential -- and offers a
    haunting blend of jazz, electronics, and other elements that make for a
    record beyond description. Beady's got a style that's impossible to peg
    right away -- but one listen to this set, and you'll be pulled into a
    strange world of sound, one that will restore your faith in modern
    music! Lyrics are in English, and titles include "Hindsight", "Big
    Balloon", "One & Only", "Shadow", "On The Ground", "April Fool",
    "Bella", and "Wounded Pride". Japanese version features the bonus track
    "Bella (Mental Overdrive rmx)".
    album cover: http://www.dustygroove.com/prip/7/8/68287i.htm
    http://www.dustygroove.com/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/dga/search.cgi?usersrch=beady+belle&issearch=yes&GO.x=10&GO.y=9 1 When My Anger Starts Again
     2 Hindsight
     3 Big Balloon
     4 Moja jedyna (Interlude)
     5 One And Only
     6 Shadow
     7 On The Ground
     8 April Fool
     9 The Ambiguous Song (Interlude)
     10 Bella
     11 Who Switched On The Darkness? (Interlude)
     12 Wounded Pride
     13 September
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