[acid-jazz] Crate Soul Brothers (Budapest) newsletter #106: Earth Is The Place

From: Crate Soul Brothers (keyser_at_freemail.hu)
Date: 2003-09-01 23:12:48

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    Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #106: Earth Is The Place

    Newsflash 1. September 2003

    Dear friends,

    Sun Ra said "space is the place", but when you can't get anywhere near the Saturn, you hang around with cool cats on planet Earth. Not long ago, our search for friendly Terrestials took Keyser to Bratislava, where he met with a twenty-five years old Czech, Standa in the dj booth. A cosmic link was immediately established and we pretty soon found ourselves in Prague rocking a massive crowd in Bar Acropolis, a small venue with a huge vibe to it. Standa is better known in and around the country as DJ Tall. Believe us, he is not a short man by any measures. And such a friendly gentleman indeed: he has arranged us a flat in hip Zizkov, an airy hill with a tripped out TV tower (that is being conquered by mutant cliff-hanger alien babies), great parks and several temples of Praha golden beer. Acropolis was jut around the corner, and it took us ten minutes of relaxed walk to get to the studios of Radio 1. The station is the local source of independent music, from rock to electronic.!
      Teamed up with Michal (aka DJ Blue) we had our little interview and the chance to spin a few recent Hungarian tunes there. After the night, we were sure that the guys are just as excellent DJs as hosts. Extra shouts go out to Michal for hitting us with that Czech hip hop instrumental (Indy&Wich) LP. Big up to DJ Orion (one of the local hip hop masterminds) for cueing Shuriken up on the record store scene.

    Shuriken stayed for a few more days to play with Tall again at a cocktail-lounge with a lot of terrace (you'd love that place, Enes!). A mad band of Mexican brothers was playing raw funk jams with a dread lock Afro-American singing and speaking words of protest against the greed of our world and the tragedy of media mind-washed people tricked into consuming themselves to death. The symbolic enemy to fight was apparently Coke, which is the only drink on offer, really. "Whatever you drink, even if it's not Coke, it's Coke". This brother was seriously on some next level shit, speaking the true story of the liberation of his mind like this: Some day, he realised, that people are simply not paying attention to themselves and each other, and are more or less blind to the world that surrounds them. Trying to train his concentration by standing on the sidewalk and watching a tree, I mean really taking in the whole experience of the tree, he was asked by a policeman to stop doing thi!
     s, since he scares people with his behaviour. A funny fella, but is the world we live in normal? The lengthy improvised songs they played were funky as hell and so tight you couldn't squeeze much more into it.
    Too soon we had to return to Budapest, the quickly tropicalising city with the world's most hopeless and solemn traffic jams.
    A few days later, Erik Sumo hit us with a nice 10" of him and Haze remixing his band, Amorf Ördögök, and that made us forget that the summer is over and we would have to get back to our normal routines again. But before that we have to say a few more thanks to a few guys: first of all the whole Electrosacher collective (check out their new remix for Cosmic Sounds in the latest mix!) & their lovely girlfriends in Trieste for taking care of me (Keyser) and my girlfriend. Also shouts to Pipedome & Mesterhazy for organising their groovy clubnight at the lake Balaton where we had much fun with Onkel Tom Wieland a few weeks ago.

    This week's short, but solid reading goes out for lunatics and revolutionaries:

    "A lot of people never use their initiative, because no-one told them to."

    A stencil graffiti by Brighton's finest spraycan terrorist, Banksy. Found in Banksy: Bang Your Head Against A Brick Wall, a nice underground booklet to get on Banksy's website or on a trip to London.

    Keep on telling people till next time!

    Keyser, Shuriken & Erik Sumo (Crate Soul Brothers)

    Radio playlist (Tilos Radio: FM 90,3 Budapest / http://tilos.hu)
    A barázdán is csomót! (Crate Soul Brothers radio show - 20-00h 28. 08. 2003) - DJs: Keyser & Shuriken
    Listen (archived till the next show):
    24 kbps: http://tilos.hu/ogg/lo/Thursday/2200.m3u
    96 kbps: http://tilos.hu/ogg/hi/Thursday/2200.m3u
    128 kbps: http://tilos.hu/mp3/96/Thursday/2200.m3u

    1. Telemark - Dizzy Dancing (cdr)
    2. Easy Access Orchestra - Las Chicas - Herbaliser rmx (Irma on Canvas)
    3. Jaga Jazzist - Kitty Wu (Ninja Tune)
    4. DJ Food - Rubber Samba (Ninja Tune)
    5. Bergendy Group - The Right Direction - Crate Soul Brothers re-edit (cdr)
    6. Phil Ranelin - Message From The Tribe (Tribe/Hefty)
    7. Aflex Combo - Freedom Hill - Alessando Oliveiro's Flux remix (Perfect.Toy)
    8. Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin (Mo Wax)
    9. Suntools - Moonbeam (Mo Smog)
    10. Langroth - Riga (Sunshine Enterprises)
    11. Bugge Wesseltoft New Conception of Jazz "Live" - Amiens (Jazzland)
    12. Painé - Spontaneous (Gak Sato Mix) (Temposphere)
    13. Reel People - Second Guess (Papa)
    13. Re:Jazz feat. Kerstin Pfau - Style Dublex Inc. rework (Infracom!)
    14. George Benson- El Barrio - Maw Mix (GP)
    15. Amorf Ördögök - Tündérdomb - Erik Sumo rmx (Ugar)
    16. The Second Whorl - Drop The Bomb - Awesome Wells meets The Ringo Kid rmx (Red Salamanda)
    17. Brasstooth feat. A.N.O. - The Yes No Game - The Brasstooth Broken remix (Definitive Funk)
    18. Phuturistix - Beautiful - Bugz In The Attic mix (Hospital)
    19. Ennio Morricone - Miraggio (MFP)
    20. Los Machucambos - Fio Maravilha (Decca)
    21. Dorothy Ashby - Action Line (Cadet)
    22. Gary McFarland - And I Love Her (Verve)
    23. Matthew Herbert Big Band - Misprints (Accidental)
    24. Buddy Rich Big Band - Uptight (Pacific Jazz)
    25. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - (Daptone)
    26. Penery Strycka Homboye feat Ponsa and Azur - Dimenzio K2 (Terrorist!)
    27. Crate Soul Brothers - Swinging with Miss Goodnight - Modul remix (Ohm cdr)
    28. Coxless Pair - Zakiv - Electrosacher remix (Cosmic Sounds cdr)

    for older playlists please click on our blog site: http://blog.tilos.hu/cratesoul

    Next events:
    19. September, Szeged, Úszóház: Sambafriqua / Keyser & Shuriken with Ko & Don Leon
    25. October, Budapest, A38: Sound On Ultra Loud / Madrid de los Austrias (live) + S.O.U.L. crew
    15. November, Budapest, A38: Sound On Ultra Loud / DJ Vadim (special funk & soul set) + S.O.U.L. crew
    28. November, Eger, Egal cult.club /Keyser & Shuriken
    6. December, Budapest, A38: Sound On Ultra Loud / tba