[acid-jazz] Stylin 102 w/ Huwston & Nathan McLay

From: Ennio Styles (stylin_at_modalforces.com)
Date: 2003-09-03 13:46:40

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    STYLIN - Rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other worldly fusions
    Friday afternoons 12-2pm RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne
    Live online - http://www.rrr.org.au/index2.html (see below for times)

    Hello all

    Sydneysider Huwston made his second appearance at Open Sesame last Thursday
    night and his first on Stylin last Friday. Once again he impressed with his
    funky eclectic flow. He's back in Sydney now, with a few new projects on the
    go including the "Bebop and Rocksteady" column in 3D World magazine and
    working with the up and coming Jam Recordings label. Jam have just put out
    the "Hemmesphere" compilation including a few Stylin favourites like Povo
    and NERD vs Zero 7.

    Nathan McLay was my second Sydney guest last week, who seems to be equally
    busy at the moment. His Superpeople night is still going strong with its
    weekly pairings of DJs with open-minded musicians from the Sydney jazz scene
    including the likes of Cameron Undy and Gerard Masters. Rumour has it
    there's a compilation project in the pipeline. Also check out Town B,
    Nathan's guide to internet radio.

    This week's a big one. First up we've got London DJ Russ Jones representing
    Future World Funk at Open Sesame this Thursday at Honkytonks. You may know
    Future World Funk from the compilation series for Ocho - 3 volumes strong,
    with number 4 coming very soon. Or from the record label releasing
    Venezuelan hip hop alongside remixes from Truby Trio and Butti 49. Or from
    the legendary London club sessions featuring guests like DJ Patife and
    Panjabi MC. Russ has got some superfresh sounds in his bag for Thursday
    night, it'll definitely be different styles to the usual. And it's even

    Then on Friday, Darshan Jesrani from Metro Area will join me in the studio
    for Stylin. Last time he and partner Morgan Geist spoke to me by phone and
    sent a mix CD for Stylin. This time it'll be live!

    until then
    Ennio Styles

    ***** COMING UP ON STYLIN *****
    Friday 5 September - Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area, US)
    Friday 10 October - Jazzy Jeff (US)

    In the pipeline - Cliffy & Russ Jones, Kano, Action Direkt, DJ Lubi, Nicola
    Conte, Declan Kelly, Paine, Forss, Phuturistix, Lanu, Koichi Ozaki

    ***** STYLIN 102 - PLAYLIST - FRIDAY 29 AUGUST 2003 *****
    Title - Artist (Label/Australian Distributor (if known))
    1. two miles before dawn - 2 banks of four (red egyptian jazz)
    2. (track 4) - fillet of soul (inflamable)
    3. hopeless - cherisse scott (??)
    4. luv is (remix) - strange fruit project (cdr)
    5. groovement - ty (big dada/creative vibes)
    6. it's alright - etienne (props)
    7. aj bhangra punjabia na pauna - achanak (sterns)
    8. stop it - phuturistix (hospital/inertia)
    9. it's over now (maw remix) - manzel (dope brother)
    10. open source (tom churchill remix) - sidewinder (fenetik/stomp)
    11. gonna be - mo horizons (stereo deluxe/inertia)
    12. do that there - lyrics born feat cut chemist (quannum)
    13. what r yooze girls doin - sista she (cdr)
    14. piku - ubin (cdr)
    15. so sudden (quantic remix) - hand polished (do right/creative vibes)
    16. jah rise - deepchild (hive/inertia)
    17. the make to shake you - jon kennedy (grand central/creative vibes)
    18. philly - dj t (physical)
    19. black trip - black man (black)
    20. why not samba - cuica (ubiquity/creative vibes)
    21. rubini - datsun stereo (capital)
    22. cotton gun - joakim (versatile/aztec)
    23. fuuirm up - meem (non)

    For previous playlists, go to http://rrr.org.au/stylin

    ***** ENNIO STYLES EVENTS *****
    Every Thursday - Open Sesame at Honkytonks w/ Kano + guest DJs, dancers &
      Thursday 4 September w/ Russ Jones (Future World Funk, UK)
      Thursday 11 September w/ Blue MC
      Thursday 18 September w/ Mitsuru Ogawa (DMR, Japan)
      Thursday 25 September w/ Elvis Aljus (percussion)
    Friday 5 September @ Cookie
    Friday 26 September - Local People EP 002 party w/ Grantham, Benjamin
    Tobias, Lanu, Kano, Christin Deralas (live), Wolfgramm (live, TBC)
    Saturday 4 October @ First Floor w/ Patrick Forge (UK), Action Direkt, Kano
    Tuesday 30 December @ The Falls Festival (Lorne) w/ Kano, Offcutts (live)


    Psybossa - Ennio Styles & Lanu
    From 12" "Local People EP 001" (Local People, Australia, 2002)
    Also features: Suburban Lights, Benjamin Tobias feat Wolfgramm
    Sound sample: http://www.vinyl-junkies.co.uk/samples/VJ6107_1.ram

    Cubano Chant (Ennio Styles Remix) - SHQ
    From 2LP/CD "Cosmic Sounds Remixed" (Cosmic Sounds, UK, 2003)
    Also features remixes by: Nicola Conte, Eddy & Dus, Panoptikum, Zeljko
    Kerleta, Gak Sato, Crate Soul Brothers, BGYSS
    Info: http://cosmicsounds-london.com/label/cs-28/cs-28.htm
    Sound sample: http://www.cosmic.f9.co.uk/MP3s/cs28ennio.mp3

    Set for Seizure (Ennio Styles Remix) - Daniel Magg
    From 12" (Compost, Germany 2003)
    Also features remixes by: Anthony Nicholson, Wagon Cookin
    Info: http://www.compost-rec.com/sections/labels/cpt_arti/magg.php3#set
    Sound sample:

    In the pipeline: Local People EP 002, remix for Beady Belle (Jazzland)

    These tunes have been supported by Straight No Chaser magazine, Gilles
    Peterson, Jazzanova, Rainer Truby, Nicola Conte, Michael Rutten, Recloose,
    Patrick Forge, BNX, Cliffy and many more around the globe. Thank you all!

    Interplanetary jazz beats and rhythms compiled by Ennio Styles and Kano.
    Rare and unreleased music from Pablo, Hajime Yoshizawa, Volker Meitz,
    Plutonic Lab & RuCL, Russ Gabriel, The Bamboos, Fragment Orchestra, Gotan
    Project, Joanna Law, Wagon Cookin and Swell Session. Crazy dope cover art by

    "One of the best for 2002" - Michael Rutten
    "deep, sexy, exotic music to be savoured; music that can make you think,
    feel and, of course, dance" - Play
    "incredibly good" - Zebra
    "recent cuts masquerading as forgotten masterpieces" - Zebra
    "a wonderful collection of undiscovered music" - TRM
    "guaranteed to keep you slipping this disc in the player - if you can get it
    out" - Remix
    "a touch of mastery" - inthemix.com.au

    Available now through Hardware Records (distributed in Australia by Shock).
    Buy it online through:
    Shock (Australia)
    Groovedis (Chicago) (sound samples online)


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    Berlin - Fri 4-6am
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    Hong Kong - Fri 10am-12pm
    London - Fri 3-5am
    New York - Thurs 9-11pm
    Oslo - Fri 4-6am
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