[acid-jazz] Upcoming Release :: Coldfeet Presents Jazzfeet

From: Wesley (wesleyc_at_cox.net)
Date: 2003-09-04 07:05:21

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    Upcoming Release :: Coldfeet Presents Jazzfeet

    again, a little more info on this new Coldfeet album 'Coldfeet Presents
    Jazzfeet.' finally, with the release date just 2 days away, the Coldfeet
    website has been updated with an album cover and tracklisting for the album:

    as for who is officially in the band (along with Watusi and Lori Fine),
    what it sounds like exactly,...??

    :: most recent Coldfeet work::
    Watusi: remixed Aflex Combo's "Latin Thing," his song “Bamboozled
    appeared on“MUSIC & MOVEMENT ONE”...
    Lori Fine: penned tune for bird, did vocals on Mondo Grosso's new album,
    vocals on new ones from Makoto and Sotoma Takafumi, vocals on all 4 of
    Sugizo's (Luna Sea) recent singles (and appeared in some or all of the
    PVs too),...

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