[acid-jazz] last minute song ID / london elektricity / linda lewis

From: De Angela Duff (deangela_at_mindspring.com)
Date: 2003-09-05 01:13:23

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    I'm going to take a stab at the dark, but I'd really, really, really
    like to know this song ID. OK, here we go.

    last minute song ID (I'm hoping we've got some netflix fanatics on this list :)

    Last Minute is a film directed by the Director of Blade, Stephen
    Norrington. It only came out on DVD. It stars Max Beesley (a once
    upon a time producer/musician and costar of Glitter, yes Glitter).
    There is a soundtrack out on palm records. The soundtrack contains
    songs from aphex twin, luke vibert, spacer, amon tobin, etc. There is
    a song in the movie that is not on the soundtrack, and I
    cross-referenced all the songs in the credits (and it appears to not
    be listed in the credits. I could be wrong, but I tried to be pretty
    thorough before coming to the list).

    Towards the end of the scene (scene 5 on the DVD), where Max Beesley
    (in a white t-shirt at this point in the photo shoot) is at a photo
    shoot where Udo Kier (of The Kingdom, Blade, a couple of Andy Warhol
    movies and 200+ other movies, madonna's sex book and 2 or 3 videos of
    madonna's including erotica) is the photographer. Does anyone know
    who and what this song is? It's not quite drum 'n bass, but it is
    very uptempo and has these melodic, reverby, dreamy keyboards on top.
    This music is also used in a couple of places within the DVD hidden
    menus (in particular, under "features", then the "question mark",
    then "music video selector").

    I'm crossing my fingers.

    london elektricity

    I finally got a hold of london elektricity's billion dollar gravy.
    I'm glad that someone is still making quality d'n b music. All of the
    hospital records releases always seem to be quality releases. All of
    the songs are fantastic except for a couple. It's rare that I can
    play a CD all the way through nowadays, but comes close. Cum Dancing
    is old, but it is still such a great tune.

    linda lewis

    When DJ Duane of Negroclash in NYC told me about Linda Lewis. I was
    like who? when? Linda Lewis is this UK singer/songwriter/guitar
    player who released 4 albums on Reprise, and 2 I think on Arista
    during the seventies. She is still recording on independent labels. I
    got this compilation of hers called Reach for the Truth on Rhino. I
    don't like buying compilations, but her CDs are out of print, and
    they were only available in Japan when they were released. I was able
    to find my favorite album of hers, based on the tracks on the
    compilation, Fathoms Deep, as a japanese CD on ebay. Can't wait to
    get that in the mail.

    I'm totally blown away by her music. Why haven't I heard of her
    before? I feel the same way about her as I did when I found out about
    Betty Davis. Wow! Whoa! She has a multi-octave range, and reminds me
    of a cross between Minnie Riperton and Nicolette vocally. Her
    songwriting reminds me of Joni Mitchell's. I'd check her out if
    you're into seventies soul/funk/rock/folk. She's kind of all over the