[acid-jazz] :: fresh nu live trax ::

From: mga (stevencatanzaro_at_sprintmail.com)
Date: 2003-09-06 09:34:56

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    before the modern groove assembly (MGA) goes into its brief hibernation
    period, we'd like to leave u with some live trax from our recent monthlong
    stint at the always sexy temple bar in santa monica. we've also got some
    pictures of the gigs on the website to check out at


    these trax were recorded directly from the board, so, we may not be getting
    any engineering grammies anytime soon, but, it gives those interested a good
    idea of what the band sounds like live (and it gives those who were there a
    chance to remember those hot times!)

    thanks to soundman nathan, booking agent cary, and the rest of the temple
    bar staff.
    due to various restrictions, we can't put up the whole of any one track, but
    we give you some of the highlights...

    as for the various roughnesses and sloppinesses... we make no apologies...
    in fact, we like it that way, 'cuz that's how we do...

    first up, "the name of fela will always stand for freedom"
    this is a nasty afrobeat jam by uk pianist and composer jessica lauren... we
    cut in just as maestro of woodwinds louis taylor gives a solo conveying
    "much information," squeezing about as much life out of the F13 chord as
    possible, and fade it out as f.r.o.g. 1 steps up to the mic to deliver a
    righteous freestyle...

    next, "soul mates"
    this is the emmy nominated tune from the first lady of soul herself, sy
    smith....brand new heavies fans take note!! sy, in addition to all her other
    accomplishments, is also the featured vocalist on the heavies' latest japan
    only release "we won't stop." here she graces the stage w. the mga... we
    break in just as funky fred clark works it out on the guitar, take it
    through the break down, with some nice impromp2 drops from dj theory and
    some help from the enthusiastic crowd... get down y'all!!!

    "bad on ya baby"
    well fellas, if u got a good woman, better keep it fresh before she goes bad
    on ya..... (of course, when you're dealin' with sy, she brings truckloads of
    fresh badness with her!)... check ian martin's earth trembling bass
    lines.... and lou t gets busy maceo style on the fade out

    this instrumental jam is just pure unapologetic slop funk... where we ask
    the question, what if herbie hancock wrote one of his classic "future shock"
    jams during the early '70's? does the question get answered? nope... but it
    is fun to play!!! we cut in for ian martin's bass solo then it's off to the
    races... lou t. lights it up on alto, and fred clark brings it all the way
    into the mud for his solo.... lou t comes up with an impromptu horn line
    which we quickly jump on, and dj theory does his funky thing on the side..

    "that ring"
    the masterpiece of the set! sy's well-crafted jam just sticks in your
    head... the band breaks into a totally impromptu swing section with sy at
    the helm!!!

    enjoy the tracks, and we'll see you soon with something nu....