[acid-jazz] Lady Bianca money giveaway

From: Redtutu1_at_aol.com
Date: 2003-09-06 20:41:14

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    Hello thar! my Name is Lady Bianca, Used to work with Frank Zappa and Sly
    Stone,and Van Morrison. I now have my own thang going. I am giving away one
    thosand dollars ( cash money honey!) and poster to one lucky buyer of My new

    Heres how it works, you can only purchase this CD online at my website
    Ladybianca.com .A ticket is attached to the CD and the buyer is automatically
    entered into the contest. You hold on to your CD in order to win. No Ticket all
    bets are off.

     The winning ticket will be picked on KPFA.org December 20, 2003 on the "Tom
    Mazzolini Show" 12 O'clock west coast time. you will have thrity days to claim
    your cash prize. Its gon be Fonky Gon be Sassy! Its gonna be a groove!"

    look to hear from yall soon

    Lady Bianca