Re: [acid-jazz] Black Rain - Teena Marie

From: Wm. ERROL PACE (
Date: 2003-09-07 03:34:22

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    >Does anyone know whether Teena's Black Rain album will be released or
    >whether it is just a labour of love?

    I heard something mentioned about it on one of those VH-1 Where are they now
    episodes. You know inmy world she's hit and miss. I think she is simply
    flawless when she's doing ballads such as "Out on a Limb" and "Dear Lover",
    she simply nails it. I also heard her along with a few other ladies
    covering Quincy Jones's "Secret Garden" and Teena friggin' blew the others
    out of the water and off the planet. I think this was one a Sax Player's
    CD. There's is something magical for me when she goes into her Oooo Eeee
    Oooo Eeee moans and groans, she can paint a picture with those, no doubt. I
    worked in a record store during the 80's and I would hear all kinds of
    stories about her and her troubles with substances she would place up her
    nose and that's a pity. For me it would nice if she was held in high
    regards like others. Every once in a while I'll hear her on the radio here
    in Charleston and it usually is a welcome sound when it her belting out a

    Semper Motociclismo,


    p.s.: I heard a killer tune from a lady by the name of Beverly Klass called
    "Temple" from the Le Femme Nikita Television Soundtrack. Caught my ear!

    Her web site hasn't been updated
    >for some time and I haven't heard anything from her for some time. Would
    >be interested finding out what she has planned on the album front.

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