[acid-jazz] + HELP: Solid Steel Stream +

From: Pedro Cevallos Jr (cevallos_at_bellsouth.net)
Date: 2003-09-07 22:42:15

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    I am having serious Solid Steel withdrawal symptoms! For the past 2
    months I have not been able to stream the show from the Ninja Tune web
    site. The real player streams always give me error messages dealing
    with the server and the Totally Radio stream asks me whether I want to
    save or open the file. No matter which I choose it will only play the
    intro to the show and then close the program. Does anybody know what I
    am doing wrong? What program do you guys use to stream the Totally
    Radio format? I use my Global DivX player which normally plays any type
    of file the best. Should I switch to another program? For the love of
    God somebody help me out.I'm tired of salivating at the playlists
    without being able to hear more than 5 seconds of the intro.
    Pedro Cevallos

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