Re: last minute song ID / (recloose's set)

From: jason batog (
Date: 2003-09-08 09:15:50

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    > OK, I can't take it :)
    > This song is haunting me.
    > Just now, I just happened to be listening to Recloose's live set on
    > @ ecoutez on april 2001, and
    > I hear THE song. It's a different mix, but it is the song I'm trying to find
    > from last minute. The song begins around 11:22 minutes into the set.
    > I hope somebody can put me out of my misery.
    > Thanks.

    this song is by chris energy called "untitled track version 1". this was a
    fairly sought out tune when it was initially dropped back in 2000 or even
    1999. you can find this track on the compilation "off-centre" (the first
    one, the one with the fluorescent pink) as well as the "abstract fusion"
    compilation on trackmode/music is... along with the "version 2" of the tune.
    if you are looking for that mega rare 10" which initially appeared on music
    is..., good luck! it's was meant to be a rare item.

    All the best,