Re: [acid-jazz] vestax tables

From: t-bird (
Date: 2003-09-10 05:30:56

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    nothing bad in particular about the vestax dex, but i
    can say this for technics, i don't know how old my
    decks are (definitely 10+ yrs.), but they still work,
    and that's even after having been dropped a few
    times--in my coffin. i don't think vestax has been
    around long enough for that kind of testimonial--i'd
    wait before dumping a trusty set.

    --- steph99 <> wrote:
    > All, I have occasion to be tempted to sell my old
    > 1200s and trade them in for
    > Vestax PDX-2000s. I have played on them before and
    > I like them. I LOVE the +/-
    > 50% pitch control...that's THE selling point for me.
    > Anyone have any horror
    > stories or complaints to disuade me from giving up
    > my pair of Old Faithfuls?

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