[acid-jazz] petition against RIAA strong-arm tactics

From: Peter Nicholson (bournik_at_svn.net)
Date: 2003-09-16 18:40:54

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    worthy cause of the day:

    > <
    > Dear EFF Supporter:
    > This is astounding - in the first 24 hours, over 6,000 people have
    > signed
    > our petition to stop the Recording Industry Association of America's
    > (RIAA)
    > nationwide rampage against average Americans. Rather than working to
    > create a rational, legal means by which its customers can take
    > advantage of
    > file-sharing technology and pay a fair price for the music they love,
    > it
    > has chosen to sue people like Brianna LaHara, a 12 year-old girl
    > living in
    > New York City public housing. Take a stand against the RIAA's tactics
    > by
    > signing our petition:
    > http://www.eff.org/share/petition/
    > Brianna, and hundreds of other music fans like her, are being forced
    > to pay
    > thousands of dollars they do not have to settle RIAA-member lawsuits --
    > supporting a business model that is anything but rational. This
    > crusade is
    > generating thousands of subpoenas and hundreds of lawsuits, but not a
    > single penny for the artists that the RIAA claims to protect.
    > Copyright law shouldn't make criminals out of 60 million Americans, and
    > it's time for a change. Congress is going to hold hearings; we need
    > your
    > help to make sure that the public's voice is heard. Tell Congress that
    > it's time to stop the madness:
    > http://www.eff.org/share/petition/
    > We'll deliver the petition to Congress once we've hit 10,000
    > signatures.
    > This is a grassroots campaign - please take the time to tell your
    > friends
    > and family about this issue. Thanks for support!
    > Sincerely,
    > Ren Bucholz
    > EFF Activist