[acid-jazz] Fwd(2): NightFlight Playlist Sept 20, 2003

From: David Luckin (David_Luckin_at_WJCT.pbs.org)
Date: 2003-09-19 16:41:14

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    This Saturday night @ 10pm NightFlight takes off in search of DNA Influences
    Live online @ http://www.wjct.org/radio.pls
    and on the air @ 89.9 WJCT FM NPR Jacksonville, Fl


    Theme: DNA Influences

    Artist/Song/Album Title/Year of Release

    1) KINDRED THE FAMILY SOUL - Spread The World (To Love 12”/ 2003)
    2) ERMANNO PRINCIPE - Please Don’t Leave (12” Schema 2003)
    3) DNA – Vivo – (Influences/2003)
    4) NICOLA CONTE & GIANLUCA PETRELLA – Tema In Hi Fi (Modern Sounds From Italy/2003)
    5) OHM GURU – Hotel Capri (12” Irma On Canvas/2003)
    6) HIPPIEHAUSE – Galaxy (Hotel Costes 5/2002)
    7) FROST – Klong (Melodica/2003)
    8) TAO OF GROOVE – Superspectral (Fresh Goods/2002)
    9) JOL – Tivoli Ride (Moody Aow/2003)
    10) JOL – Moody Aow (Moody Aow/2003)

    On Sept 27 we trace the influence of Blues on Rock in celebration of the ground breaking PBS series "The Blues" a seven part
    series that will premiere September 28th on PBS...
    Will will feature music by: Muddy Waters, Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac (Blues Band), Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Janis
    Joplin, Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix and more!


    David Luckin
    NightFlight Host 89.9 FM NPR
    100 Festival Park Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32202