[acid-jazz] Fwd: Brig Street Festival DJ - Band Schedule 2003

From: t-bird (djtbird1_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 2003-09-25 07:37:00

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    here's the final schedule from DA OWNER!!
    > --- Dave Forrest Reiss
    > wrote:
    > ---------------------------------
    > Abbot Kinney Street Festival 2003
    > DJ/Band Schedule
    > Sunday September 28
    > 12:00 1:30 Cathy Tamkin & Scott Silva

    should be fun, bouncy drinkin' music...

    > 1:30 2:00 Matt Berkson

    i think this is the saturday dj, so i'm expecting some
    deep funk...

    > 2:00 2:45 BRIG BAND

    i went to see these guys last night and they were
    HOTT!! they ususally hold it down, but last night,
    the keyboardist/leader kenny opened up a can o'

    > 2:45 3:30 Raul Campos

    i'm expecting soulful house from "mr. nocturna"

    > 3:30 4:15 T-Bird

    i've already warned you about my set, but i should add
    there's a secret weapon that many of you have only
    heard about...

    > 4:15 5:00 BRIG BAND

    see above

    > 5:00 5:15 DJ Cody

    15 minutes of scratchtastic wax--i don't know what
    he's gonna play (i.e., hiphop, funk or funky rock),
    but it should be good!

    > 5:15 6:00 Moontribe

    last year they did a mega-tag-team w/petey, john
    kelley (the desert breaks guy) and some of the other
    cats (brian??). i was expecting
    progressive-rave-trance (ok, really just music i
    wouldn't like), but they surprised me and played
    really soulful, funky stuff (more like i would've
    expected if john had played by himself). they also
    dropped a tune i've been playing a lot this year, the
    "galaxy" remix (yes, the song by 70's soul/funksters

    > All Time are Pacific Daylight Time

    so don't be showin' up on island time, cuz you'll be
    a**ed-out, aaight??


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