[acid-jazz] Listen :: Riow Arai - Disturbance EP

From: Wesley (wesleyc_at_cox.net)
Date: 2003-09-27 10:22:42

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    Listen :: Riow Arai - Disturbance EP

    new release from the highly regarded Riow Arai (instrumental hip hop).
    sound samples of 4 complete songs from his new EP release 'Disturbance'
    below (from the PostEverything site). Si Begg, Coldcut, Takemura
    Nobukazu, and John Peel are fans of his.

    Riow Arai - Disturbance EP

    'Break Roads (re-edit)'
    'Disturbance (re-edit)'

    and the description from the site:
    The Disturbance EP is Japanese producer Riow Arai’s first ever release
    outside Japan. A ‘Greatest Hits’ package of sorts, the EP draws from
    Arai’s extensive catalogue of twisted instrumental hiphop on the cult
    Japanese Soup-Disk label.

    The five DJ friendly cuts include two re-edits of tracks from the
    forthcoming Mind Edit album, and three from a selection of previous
    Japanese releases, stretching back to 1998.

    This is hiphop like you've never heard before, masterfully crafted,
    incredibly fresh and quite unique. Riow’s got the funk, and he’s
    bringing it to y’all in spades.

    Riow Arai made his debut in 1995, and has released four albums since,
    with a new Japanese release to come later this year. He has created
    soundtracks for Playstation games, played in Japan with Matthew Herbert,
    Hexstatic, Four Tet and Skam Records, and produced numerous Japanese
    artists, including Mego’s Tujiko Noriko. Western fans included Messr’s
    Jonathan More (Coldcut), Si Begg and John Peel, while Nobukazu Takemura
    described his second album as “unmistakably the best Japanese dancefloor
    record of the year”.


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