[acid-jazz] Lime Sorbet back from Summer Break -- DJ Keyser --Thursday 8.5.04

From: Christina Long (info_at_citrona.net)
Date: 2004-08-05 21:47:15

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    Lime Sorbet -- DJ Keyser --Thursday 8.5.04

    We're back from vacation! Well, alright, JMIX is back from vacation and
    Christina's young children are back in school from their summer
    break......(obviously not a real vacation for mamma c)

    So this evening we kick things off with a special extended guest set by
    the one and only DJ Keyser of Crate Soul Brothers - Tilos Radio -
    Budapest. This is indeed one fantastic mix you will want to check out !!!

    Speaking of guest, we have a great lineup for summer/fall which includes
    the ever talented Nick Matthews of Best Kept Secret, MadameFLY, Argo
    from Brokenbeat Radio, The All Good Funk Aliance and many more.....Both
    JMIX and Christina will throw in a few fillers as well.

    Citrona Recordings newsletter due out later this month with the inside
    scoop on 2 new singles in production as well as the introduction of our
    newest addition, musician - recording artist, Michael DeVellis.

    Remember, new mixes will not be available until after 9:00pm each Thurs.
    The previous mix will be available until that time.



    * * * Available after 9:00 pm EST * * *

    8.5.04 ----- Playlist ------- --- DJ Keyser --- -

    Lime Sorbet (63:23)

    1. Mark de Clive Lowe feat. Bembe Segue - Naima (cdr)

    2. Alice Russell - Get Ready In The Morning (Tru Thoughts)
    3. Erik Sumo - Map of the World (cdr)
    4. Mokadi feat. Dudley Perkins - Human Natures (Perfect.Toy)
    5. Jazz Liberatorz - Music Makes The World Go Round (KIF)
    6. Peven Everett - Testin Me (ABB)
    7. Marcel feat. Sena - Man Meeting Girl (Cookin)
    8. Dubben - Rainho do dub (GAMM)
    9. Madvillain - America's Most Blunted (Stones Throw)
    10. Allen Hoist - Inner City Blues - 4 Hero remix (Soulution)
    11. Sin Palabras - Yemaya (Yoruba)
    12. Maria de Souza - Zona Sul - Raw Deal mix (Schema)
    13. Tubby T - Ready She Ready - Seiji mix (cdr)
    14. Twitch - Do UR Thing (cdr)
    15. Forms of Plasticity - Doombap - Crate Soul Brothers remix (Emarcy)
    16. Erik Sumo - Summertime (cdr)