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    The international edition of last week's Urban Landscapes Radioshow 
    7.28, including an exclusive Urban Landscapes Guestmix from DJ Cosmo of 
    the Bitches Brew label, is now online. See below for the playlist and 
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    My picks for August are also below, along with reviews for most of the 
    picks. I've had to cut out others for lack of time, though you may see 
    them in next week's circular. I hope you'll find them useful in some 
    fashion. There are a bunch of nice new bits that are worth exploring, 
    so have at it!
    Dabbling in various types of music from techno to hip-hop and all sorts 
    of sounds in between, Mark Pritchard has gained an immense amount of 
    respectability through the years. Among the many projects that he's 
    taken on, he's done music under the aliases of the Jedi Knights & 
    Global Communications (both with fellow artist/producer Tom Middelton). 
    He's also behind the acclaimed hip-hop outfit Harmonic 33. But he's 
    perhaps best known at the moment as Troubleman. With the new 
    full-length release on UK-based Far Out Recordings called "Time Out Of 
    Mind," Pritchard yields heavy influences from Latin sounds. This week's 
    Urban Landscapes Guestmix finds Pritchard sharing those influences and 
    then some.
    Websites:	http://www.faroutrecordings.com (Far Out Recordings)
    			http://www.reloadonline.com (Reload Records: Global Communications' 
    I've read earlier this afternoon that Rick James has died. I was 
    shocked that yet another talent died so young, but perhaps in his case 
    I shouldn't have been. Unfortunately, most of the 1990's (as well as 
    the 1980's) weren't very kind to him. He had been living a life of 
    drug, sex, and rock-and-roll (or should that be soul?) to the hilt. 
    This caused more than a few blemishes, as well as a police record.
    It was news to me that he had suffered a stroke while on his comback 
    tour during the late 1990's, and also had hip replacement surgery that 
    year. At least now I know why he had been so quiet.
    But we should also remember that he has been quite influential at at 
    time when funk was getting harder and nastier. I've first heard "You & 
    I" on an L.A. soul radio station when I was a freshman in high school. 
    I was hooked by the energy and the badass cockiness of the vocalist, 
    and he was able to back it up with some tight production for a good 
    eight minutes. Any other time that I've heard the shorter, 
    radio-friendly version, well...it wasn't the same at all.
     From that point came his first album "Come & Get It," which also 
    included the seminal "Mary Jane" (which, I've found out later, played 
    on metaphors for the obvious). That album went gold, and allowed the 
    struggling Motown Records to live another day. After "Bustin' Out Of 
    L7," "Street Songs" became James's biggest seller. It had gone 
    platinum, and spawned "Super Freak," his collaboration with the 
    Temptations. Who would have thought? But, there you go.
    May the Super Freak freak on.
    August 2004
    (in no particular order)
    1.   Pixel - People Need People (Counterpoint CD-R)
    2.   Nostalgia 77 - Seven Nation EP (Tru Thoughts CD-R)
    3.   Franck Roger - Summer EP 12" (Betino's Record Sound white)
    4.   Joseph Malik - Aquarius Songs EP 12" (Compost)
    5.   Mokadi - Human Natures (Perfect Toy)
    6.   Crusho - Traffic Jam EP (Q-Tape CD-R)
    7.   Circle Research - Mulligan Stew (Do Right)
    8.   Troubleman - Time Out Of Mind (Far Out)
    9.   Wei Chi - One I, Two Eyes (Compost)
    10. Javi P3z Orquestra - Sports (HiTop)
    11. Osborne - Afrika EP 12" (Spectral)
    12. The Orb - Bicycles & Tricycles (Sanctuary)
    13. APSCI - Get It Twisted (Bomb Hip-Hop CD-R)
    14. Aeroc - Viscous Solid (Ghostly International CD-R)
    15. Madrid de los Austrias & Richard Dorfmeister - Valldemossa 12" 
    (Sunshine Enterprise)
    16. LAL - Brown Eyed Warrior 12" (Public Transit)
    17. V/A - Trax Records: The Next Generation (Trax)
    18. Bambu - Elevate Your Mind EP (Bitches Brew CD-R)
    19. Lizz Fields - I Gotta Go EP 12" (ABB Soul)
    20. I:Cube - Fr33z EP 12" (Versatile)
    21. Wiley - Wot U Call It? 12" (XL)
    22. Mark de Clive-Lowe - Tide's Arising EP (Antipodean CD-R)
    23. Jason Sparks - Don't I Feel EP (Botchit & Scarper)
    24. V/A - Party Keller (Compost)
    25. Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Ubiquity/Tru Thoughts)
    Soundscapes Reviews
    Pixel - People Need People (Counterpoint CD-R) UK
    This is a wicked debut from a Baltimore-based producer known as Pixel. 
    He has a signature sound that will be easily identifiable as you listen 
    through the tracks. It's an album that raises the bar for soulful house 
    to the next level. It's an outstanding debut, and fast becoming a 
    contender for one of the best albums of 2004. Also on here are unknown 
    vocalists who can belt out some soul with the best of them. Don't sleep 
    on this one.
    Nostalgia 77 - Seven Nation EP (Tru Thoughts CD-R) UK
    Nostalgia 77 follows up on his full-length with a new EP from Tru 
    Thoughts. Originally made as a special CD-R for Tru Thoughts's monthly 
    club night "Phonic-Loop," the cover of the White Stripes tune caught on 
    with the crowd, as well as the Tru Thoughts roster of artists. 
    Eventually, "Seven Nation Army" manifested into what would be the first 
    track for the EP. One of the other notables here includes labelmate TM 
    Juke doing a nice remix the album track "The Conventicles." Late August 
    is when you should find this one.
    Franck Roger - Summer EP 12" (Betino's Record Sound white) France
    Parisian house producer Franck Roger's profile keeps elevating with 
    each new release, and this bumpin' EP from the relatively new French 
    label Betino's Record Sound is no exception. "4 The People" is a 
    terrific track that pulsates summertime, and "Mambo" is atmospheric 
    house at its finest. The French are taking over the muisical asylum, 
    Joseph Malik - Aquarius Songs EP 12" (Compost) Germany
    The vinyl companion to the nice second album from Scotsman Joseph Malik 
    culls two wicked mixes. Fauna Flash gives "Diablo" an electro-tango 
    workout, while hip-hop MC/producer Reachout works up "Mistress 
    Moonlight" into a hynoptic soulful ballad with nice scratch touches. 
    The album cuts of "Diablo" and "Believe & See" are also here. Chances 
    are, you'll want it for the remixes. I'd say that you have good taste.
    Mokadi - Human Natures (Perfect Toy) Germany
    Mokadi, consisting of the production duo of Ralph Kiefer (ex-Hipnosis) 
    and Mark Frank (Les Gammas), along with vocalist Dita von Aster, seem 
    to be heading somewhere when their debut EP "Chica da Ici" was released 
    late last year.  Now the full length is out for the world and it's the 
    real deal. It's a nice blend of jazz, soul, and electronics that makes 
    for a very satisfactory listen.
    Crusho - Traffic Jam EP (Q-Tape CD-R) France
    One of the founders of Paris's Q-Tape, Crusho, comes through with his 
    newest EP. Warm keys, groovy Fender, and Marilyn David's vocals give 
    "Someone To Love" a sense of urgency and want. There's also an 
    instrumental of the same tune with a more relaxed vibe (entitled, in 
    this case, "Someone To Spank"). The mellowness moves into "Tunafish," 
    and Yellow Recording's Blackjoy washes "Someone To Love" in an electro 
    bliss blending with metallic rhythms. Very nice both for chilling and 
    for grooving.
    Circle Research - Mulligan Stew (Do Right) Canada
    Toronto hip-hop goes to the masses as John Kong's excellent Do Right 
    label keeps pushing things along with "Mulligan Stew," the full-length 
    debut from production duo Circle Research. A who's who of Toronto's 
    underground hip-hop massive appear here. This is some fine slabs of 
    beats and words, and the production is on point. I haven't seen so many 
    guests on one album, and it might just so how influential Circle 
    Research really are.
    Troubleman - Time Out Of Mind (Far Out) UK
    Mark Pritchard has been a busy guy. He's one half of the Jedi Knights 
    (with Tom Middleton being his other half), is aka Global Communications 
    (along with Tom again), and is part of the terrific hip-hop outfit 
    known as Harmonic 33. His most enduring moniker of late, though, is 
    Troubleman. On his newest album, he pulls out all of the stops to 
    combine Latin sensibilities and modern sounds. It's a definite gem. But 
    if you want this on vinyl, note that "Change Is What We Need" and 
    "Strike Hard" (the two strongest dancefloor tracks on the album) are 
    both on a separate 12" that's just been repressed. Yeah!
    Wei Chi - One I, Two Eyes (Compost) Germany
    Not everyone gets to have tracks produced by Moonstarr, Beanfield, 
    Fauna Flash, and Ben Mono, but how many get to have all of these top 
    producers on one album? Lucky for Wei Chi, they've done just that. "One 
    I, Two Eyes" is, without a doubt for me, one of Compost's best albums 
    this year. And if you're a fan of Ben Mono like me, you'll especially 
    dig it (he's produced half of the album's tracks). This is one for fans 
    of broken soul.
    Javi P3z Orquestra - Sports (HiTop) Spain
    If you've listened to the excellent compilation from Madrid's HiTop 
    label called "Spain Is Different" (and if you don't have it, why 
    not??), then you know that the music on the album wasn't exactly what 
    one would expect. So it's really cool that this is affirmed by Javi P3z 
    (pronounced "pez," like the candy) on his debut "Sports." After 
    releasing a 4-track EP to widespread acclaim, out he comes with an 
    album with more live elements than the EP. For good measure, you'll 
    find those four tracks here, with the liveness thrown in. All the 
    tracks are based on elements of some sort having to do with sports, but 
    you surely don't have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy the fresh 
    sounds of what Javi P3z and Spain has to offer.
    Osborne - Afrika EP 12" (Spectral) US
    Spectral, one of the imprints of Ann Arbor's Ghostly International, has 
    been on a roll of late. Barely a year old, the label keeps it coming 
    with a rump-shaking Afrobeat stormer in the title track. It comes 
    complete with said rhythms and African chanting that's good for both 
    the soul and the floor, making this a can't-miss tune.. The b-side is a 
    more techy affair, but no less effective.
    APSCI - Get It Twisted (Bomb Hip-Hop CD-R) US
    This isn't the usual kind of thing that one might expect from a hip-hop 
    label, but Oakland's Bomb Hip-Hop once again decides to take the road 
    less traveled with one of its newest signings. APSCI (pronounced 
    AP-sigh)is a trio consisting of a producer, a DJ, and an Aussie opera 
    singer. It's a bit of a twist, but it works here. It's a combo of 
    hip-hop, dirty/glitchy electronics, lyrics and guts. Not quite for 
    everyone, but it's sure worth taking on if you're willing to go off the 
    beaten path.
    Bambu - Elevate Your Mind EP (Bitches Brew CD-R) UK
    If you're a fan of soulful, melodic house, then you are going to fall 
    all over this one. This is Bambu's newest release for London's Bitches 
    Brew (and the label's ninth release), and I can only say that it's an 
    uplifting epic that will surely have fans of Blaze scrambling. Billie 
    Godfrey commands attention with her uplifting vocals, while Ben 
    Mitchell and label co-founder DJ Cosmo take care of the production end 
    in fine form. Nicolas Matar does a good remix here, but in the end 
    it'll be the original that I'm gonna hang on to.
    Lizz Fields - I Gotta Go EP 12" (ABB Soul) US
    One of the most talented neo-soul vocalists out there is blessed with 
    having a good song made better by DJ Spinna's magic touch. "I Gotta Go" 
    was one of the first singles from Lizz Fields to put her on the musical 
    map. Spinna keeps the tune inna midtempo style; smooth, warm, and full 
    of the delicious soulful elements that he's known for. A definite 
    keeper for chillin' or romancin'.
    Wiley - Wot U Call It? 12" (XL) UK
    In all this time I've been a fan of two-step and dubstep, how come I 
    never heard of this cat called Wiley? Well no matter. If his work is as 
    good as this single, then it's time to give the crooner a "hey yo!" I 
    can't say that I've felt the remix as much, as I was I was hoping that 
    the vocals would be there. I have to admit that Wiley has charisma, 
    charm, energy, and guts to pull this off. Hats off to the man.
    V/A - Party Keller (Compost) Germany
    One of the world's most respected collectors of rare soul and funk 
    comes through once again with another batch of choice tunes. This time, 
    Into Somethin's Florian Keller pulls together favorites to coincide 
    with his monthly club night called Party-Keller. The compilation is a 
    nice batch of influences spanning from the late 60's through the early 
    80's. The selection is truly one to keep in one's record bag for a long 
    time to come. Absolutely essential for music lovers inna no-category 
    Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Ubiquity/Tru Thoughts)
    Unquestionably one of the hardest-working artists around, Brighton's 
    Will Holland somehow finds the time to drop his third solo long-player 
    for Tru Thoughts. Lots of different styles are covered here, and yet 
    the album is a nifty barometer of how far he's come musically. Too many 
    fine cuts to mention, ,so all I'll say is don't think about getting 
    it...just get it! An ace effort! The album is out stateside via 
    July 30, 2004
    Listen:          http://www.urbanlandscapes.org/listen/04-07-30.m3u
    Download:    http://www.urbanlandscapes.org/listen/04-07-30.mp3
    Song - Artist - Album - Label
    Maya II - The Collectors - EP (Mantis CD-R)
    The Conventicle (TM Juke Remix) - Nostalgia 77 - Seven Nation EP (Tru 
    Thoughts CD-R)
    El Pinball - Javi P3Z Orquestra - Sports (HiTop)
    Pantonal - Ryuichi Sakamoto - Chasm (KAB)
    Berlin Sunrise (die Nacht) - Daniel Wang - EP 12" (Ghostly 
    International white)
    Diablo (Fauna Flash Remix) - Joseph Malik - Aquarius Songs EP 12" 
      DJ COSMO  (exclusive)
    Sunrain - Ash Ra Temple (Manuel Gottsching) -  New Age On Earth 
    East (Diesel & Havey Re-Adjustment) - Billy Paul (Motown)
    Eastern Eyes - Nitin Sawhney (V2)
    Sandcastles - Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer (Ibadan)
    Sayaji (Joe Claussell Remix) - Ustad Sultan Khan (5 Points)
    The Jezebel Spirit - Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life In The Bush of 
    Ghosts (Sire)
    My Best Dub - Joe Gibbs - African Dub Chapter Two (Lighning)
    One of These Days - Pink Floyd - Meddle (Harvest)
    Journey To The Light (King Chocolate Getting Dark Re-edit) - Brainstorm 
    Just Pilau - Akwaaba (Disfunction)
    Umi Says - Mos Def - Black On Both Sides (Rawkus)
    Change Is What We Need (Progress) - Troubleman - Time Out Of Mind (Far 
    New Paradise - Wei Chi - One I, Two Eyes (Compost)
    Subdued (Amp Fiddler Future Remix) - Intuit - EP 12" (Compost)
    For six and a half years, the Urban Landscacpes Radioshow has been 
    presenting jazzy and soulful club culture from around the world. Big 
    respect to all of the labels, artists, promotion people and the 
    listeners for their continued support.
    Musical submissions are always welcome. PLEASE NOTE that prior to 
    submission, you should check the playlists as well as listen to a few 
    of the shows in order to get a good feel for the music and the vibes.
    Vinyl is preferred, but CDs/CD-Rs and minidiscs are acceptable. Please 
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