[acid-jazz] Rick James Career Retrospective

From: Bob Davis (earthjuice_at_prodigy.net)
Date: 2004-08-08 18:38:44

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    As I sat here going thru my collection of Rick James material trying to figure out what songs
    I was going to put on a 60 min. Soul-Patrol.Net radio retrospective, I began to realize the
    error of my ways.
    Rick James himself saved me the trouble.
    He did his own insightful and honest apprasial of his career back in 1997.
    So I think that I'll just leave it at that.
    Rick does a much better job than I could and also provides us with a history of FUNK ta boot!

    The song "GOOD OL DAYS" from the 1997 release called URBAN RAPSODY, just about sums it up and
    it's in Ricks own voice.
    <a href="http://www.soul-patrol.net/goodolddays.ram"> RICK JAMES: GOOD OL DAYS from the 1997
    release called URBAN RAPSODY</a>

    It's playing right now in the "blackround" at the main page of Soul-Patrol at:
    <a href="http://www.soul-patrol.com"> SURF THE: SOUL-PATROL.COM WEBSITE</a>

    Where it can be listened to in the context of the beautiful obituary written by our own Debra

    Take a listen and let me know what cha think...

    Bob Davis

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