[acid-jazz] Event Review: Broken Glass Reunion

From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2004-08-13 23:24:01

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    Event Reviews: Broken Glass Reunion at Canteena, Deansgate Quay, Manchester. Sunday 8th August 2004.

    Despite the destructive connotations of their name, this get-together in honour of breakdancing daddies, the Broken Glass crew, was a positive event. Canteena, a medium sized water’s edge bar, was kitted out with sizeable mats both inside and out to accommodate the dancers, whilst a substantially sized video screen displayed action from the crew’s past.

    This gathering brought out many old timers who’d been doing the moves since the early 80’s when the crew was formed. These elders were at ease sharing the mats with younger b-boys and girls, eager to demonstrate their skills. Some of those watching were able to relive an important part of their youth and others were able to witness it for the first time in the flesh and therefore understand its spellbinding appeal. An inviting atmosphere complemented the aural and visual feast, whilst the social and cultural mix of people was refreshing.

    For many, including the imposing array of DJs in attendance, the musical soundtrack was as important as the visual acrobatics. At times many of today’s purveyors of electronic music teeter on the edge of embracing the past in a limpet-like grip instead of just a respectful hug. However, there’s no harm in looking back to the past, as long as this is not at the expense of developing fresh talent. The early 80’s was a hugely influential period in development of modern electronic music. Therefore this was a just tribute, especially in a modern climate where bastardisations of the electro sound have come to the fore once more, often without the appropriate dues being paid to the originators. Greg Wilson and Hewan Clarke spun an appropriate collage of jagged electro, heartfelt soul and energetic jazz grooves. Listening to the likes of Man Parrish’s synth-tingling “Hip Hop Be Bop” and Timezone’s electrifying “Wildstyle” at this night reminded those present of just how signif!
     icant these records were, and still are today.

    The Broken Glass troop stepped up to the mats and showed that they were still supple enough to throw demanding shapes. The crew also did a recital of their “Style Of The Street” single, but the audience that had formed a circle around the performers were infinitely more taken by the dancing feast. Not to be outdone, the younger element of the breaking fraternity got up and strutted their stuff, exhibiting a sharpness that had left the older heads.

    A slightly bitter taste was left in the mouth due to the festivities at Canteena being cut short for questionable licensing-related reasons. Whether they decided to shut up shop two and half hours early because there were children on the premises or for another reason is neither here nor there. The fact is that the night was well and truly a success, uniting people of varied ages and races in a way that seldom happens today. It was an outstanding evening of captivating breakdancing, backed by a spine-tingling soundtrack, and the event is stay with all who attended for a long time.

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