[acid-jazz] Urban Landscapes Radioshow 7.31 and 7.32

From: Velanche (velanche_at_charter.net)
Date: 2004-08-27 10:14:21

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    Urban Landscapes
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    The Urban Landscapes Radioshow airs live Fridays from 9-11pm PT on KCPR
    91.3 FM, as well as via the Internet at
    http://www.kcpr.org. You can also listen to the international edition
    of the last five shows online anytime on-demand at
    http://www.urbanlandscapes.org. The most recent show is usually posted
    online a few days after the live broadcast.

    Be sure to tell your friends about Urban Landscapes...and feel free to
    pass this circular on!

    The international edition of the last two broadcasts are now online for 
    listening. Scroll down below and you'll find the audio links and 
    playlist info for Urban Landscapes Radioshows 7.31 and 7.32.
    Once again, one of the brains behind the Break Reform trio puts out an 
    invitingly soulful mix. Simon S. has been DJing in England and 
    elsewhere for over 15 years, and he (along with J.J. Webster) has put 
    his musical/DJ knowledge to great effect not only with Break Reform, 
    but with other productions such as Low Budget Soul, D'Nell, and others. 
    We once again present his latest mix for your pleasure.
    Website: http://www.abstractbluerecordings.com
    The featured guestmix for Urban Landscapes Radioshow 7.32 is one of the 
    best mixes I've heard in quite awhile. It comes from a label based in 
    Germany called Tokyodawn Records. If you've been listening to the 
    radioshow earlier this year, you'd probably know of a compilation that 
    I've been airing titled "Practice Avoiding Mistakes." The comp features 
    a great mix of neo-soul, hip-hop, broken beat, spoken words, and much 
    more in a solid package. Dare I say that the mix is truly the backbone 
    of what the Urban Landscapes Radioshow continuously seeks out 
    for--music that's deep, soulful, jazzy, and eclectic.
    Since 1997, Tokyodawn Records has exists as a "netlabel for 'opensource 
    music'" from a variety of artists worldwide. All of the music online 
    are free to download for your personal listening and enjoyment, so 
    check it out! Respect to Prymer, the man behind the label, for the 
    terrific mix.
    Website:	http://www.tokyodawnrecords.com
    Last Monday evening here in San Luis Obispo was the night that Quantic 
    came to town. His magic tore up the SLO Brewing Company's downstairs 
    dancefloor as he's played to a very enthusiastic audience. It was a 
    Monday night, a warm summer night, and a week before final exams. But 
    most everyone who attended walked out happy, still dancing and nodding. 
    His three-hour set touched on all kinds of styles, yet keeping people 
    moving and grooving. It was very refreshing to have such an act of his 
    stature perform a gig here, and it was even more heartening that there 
    were people who were musically open-minded enough to show their support 
    by their attendance.
    Shouts out to the peeps who attended, and thanks very much to Manuel 
    Barba at Rascobar Productions for volleying the first step of what we 
    hope will be more of these kinds of events here in San Luis Obispo. We 
    are working on several fronts, so keep your eyes peeled.
    On, and hats off to the man Quantic. Nice to see you again, mate.
    The Urban Landscapes Radioshow is taking a bit of a break after this 
    week's show, but will return live on-air  on Friday September 24 with 
    more great music, guestmixes, and more. Doing what I do is very 
    rewarding, but also takes up a great deal of time. And with that, I'm 
    going to freshen myself up and get ready for a very busy fall. You'll 
    see at least one more circular coming your way with my picks for 
    September, as well as new reviews. And yes, one more show to put online 
    Enjoy the music, and have a great weekend!
    August 2004
    (in no particular order)
    1.   Pixel - People Need People (Counterpoint CD-R)
    2.   Nostalgia 77 - Seven Nation EP (Tru Thoughts CD-R)
    3.   Franck Roger - Summer EP 12" (Betino's Record Sound white)
    4.   Joseph Malik - Aquarius Songs EP 12" (Compost)
    5.   Mokadi - Human Natures (Perfect Toy)
    6.   Crusho - Traffic Jam EP (Q-Tape CD-R)
    7.   Circle Research - Mulligan Stew (Do Right)
    8.   Troubleman - Time Out Of Mind (Far Out)
    9.   Wei Chi - One I, Two Eyes (Compost)
    10. Javi P3z Orquestra - Sports (HiTop)
    11. Osborne - Afrika EP 12" (Spectral)
    12. The Orb - Bicycles & Tricycles (Sanctuary)
    13. APSCI - Get It Twisted (Bomb Hip-Hop CD-R)
    14. Aeroc - Viscous Solid (Ghostly International CD-R)
    15. Madrid de los Austrias & Richard Dorfmeister - Valldemossa 12" 
    (Sunshine Enterprise)
    16. LAL - Brown Eyed Warrior 12" (Public Transit)
    17. V/A - Trax Records: The Next Generation (Trax)
    18. Bambu - Elevate Your Mind EP (Bitches Brew CD-R)
    19. Lizz Fields - I Gotta Go EP 12" (ABB Soul)
    20. I:Cube - Fr33z EP 12" (Versatile)
    21. Wiley - Wot U Call It? 12" (XL)
    22. Mark de Clive-Lowe - Tide's Arising EP (Antipodean CD-R)
    23. Jason Sparks - Don't I Feel EP (Botchit & Scarper)
    24. V/A - Party Keller (Compost)
    25. Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Ubiquity/Tru Thoughts)
    ** September picks next week**
    August 20, 2004
    Listen:          http://www.urbanlandscapes.org/listen/04-08-20.m3u
    Download:    http://www.urbanlandscapes.org/listen/04-08-20.mp3
    Song - Artist - Album - Label
    Rain - Lop Nor - 41°30`N 88°30`N (Ecco Chamber)
    Portuguese Nights - Ernesto - Ernesto's Album (Hollow)
    Dream - Wei Chi - One I, Two Eyes (Compost)
    It's Dancing Time - Mr. Scruff & Quantic - Sweet Smoke 12" (Ninja Tune)
    Wot U Call It? - Wiley - 12" (XL)
    Ruff Like Me (United Grooves Remix) - PD Syndicate - 12" (London 
    Soft Micaela - Twice
    The Crush - Theriak featuring Blue Eyes
    Minimal (Lukas Nystrand & Karl Johansson Mashup) - The Tape featuring 
    It's Alright (Version) - Saine
    That Day - The Groove Guerrilla
    Shout After (Resound Remix) - Selim Sonos
    Prraaay - Bartholomaus & Cafu
    Sorry (Instrumental) - Comfort Fit
    Cha Cha Cha - Opossum featuring Leeroy Brown
    Sun In The Sky (Instrumental) - Twice
    Kurz Vor Danach Ganz - Comfort Fit
    Minimal (Cuebism Remix)) - The Tape featuring RQM
    Verano En Triana, Tema Uno (Instrumental) - Alex Cortex
    Benvrij Instrumental - Mentz
    El Uno - Aklimatize
    B One (D.I.T.D. Remix) - Inverse Cinematics featuring Pollard
    Exponential - Autodrive
    Untitled Live Dub Session - Lukas Nystrand
    Over My Head - Polar Pair vs. Maddslinky ft. MC Karolina Avraz
    Walking (Remix) - Universal Sound Remedy
    Competitive Genetix - Blaktroniks
    Yeah Axla - Nadav Ravid
    Spiritual - Resound
    We Shall Not Be Moved - Lukas Nystrand & Karl Johansso
    Genevieve (Quantic Remix) - Greyboy (Ubiquity)
    Use What You Got (featuring Sonny Akpan) - Quantic - Mishaps Happening 
    (Ubiquity/Tru Thoughts)
    Hold It Down - Quantic Soul Orchestra - Stampede (Tru Thoughts)
    Don't Joke With A Hungry Man (featuring Spanky Wilson) - Quantic - 12" 
    (Tru Thoughts)
    En Focus (featuring Trinidad) - Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Tru 
    Get Misunderstood (Quantic Remix) - Troublemakers - 12" (Guidance)
    No Melody (Truby Trio Treatment) - Turntablerocker - 12" (Four Music)
    August 13, 2004
    (no voiceovers this week)
    Listen:          http://www.urbanlandscapes.org/listen/04-08-13.m3u
    Download:    http://www.urbanlandscapes.org/listen/04-08-13.mp3
    Song - Artist - Album - Label
    Without You (featuring Steve Spacek) - Troubleman - Time Out Of Mind 
    (Far Out)
    Care - Ernesto - Ernesto's Album (Hollow)
    Quintessential (featuring Abdul Shyllon) - Mark de Clive-Lowe - Tide's 
    Arising EP (Antipodean CD-R)
    I Gotta Go (DJ Spinna's "You've Been Warned" Vocal Mix) - Lizz Fields - 
    12" (ABB Soul)
    Elevate Your Mind - Bambu (Bitches Brew CD-R)
    Grippin' To Dirt On Rotary Earth - Pixel - People Needs People 
    (Counterpoint CD-R)
    Arusa - Dutch Rhythm Combo - EP 12" (Pulver)
    Valdemossa - Richard Dorfmeister & Madrid de los Austrias - 12" 
    (Sunshine Enterprises)
    Arp Surface - I:Cube - Fr33z EP 12" (Versatile)
    She Wants To Move (Bassment Jaxx Remix) - N.E.R.D. - 12" (Virgin)
    Mambo - Franck Roger - Summer EP 12" (Betino's Record Sound white)
    Elevate - Sena featuring Yonderbol (Gimmeshot)
    Born (featuring MC Ras T-weed & DJ Collage) - Stereotyp Meets Al-Haca - 
    Phase Two EP 12" (Klein)
    Newsflash (featuring Sandra Melody) - Diplo - Diplo Rhythms EP 12" (Big 
    Jam (Charlie Dark Remix) - Panic featuring MC Chick-A-Boo - 12" 
    (Bitches Brew)
    Black Crowe - The Society - Deep In Your Heart 12" (Freestyle)
    Tics - Lars Horntveth - Pooka )Smalltown Supersound)
    Love Is All We Got (Z's Spring Love Mix) - Zoetic - EP 12" (Below The 
    Brown Eyed Warrior (Moonstarr Remix) - LAL - 12" (Public Transit)
    Mohagani 9000/Black Mahogani - Moodymann - Black Mohagani (Peacefrog)
    Maya II (Plaid Remix) - The Collectors - EP (Mantis CD-R)
    For six and a half years, the Urban Landscacpes Radioshow has been 
    presenting jazzy and soulful club culture from around the world. Big 
    respect to all of the labels, artists, promotion people and the 
    listeners for their continued support.
    Musical submissions are always welcome. PLEASE NOTE that prior to 
    submission, you should check the playlists as well as listen to a few 
    of the shows in order to get a good feel for the music and the vibes.
    Vinyl is preferred, but CDs/CD-Rs and minidiscs are acceptable. Please 
    send your music to:
    Velanche Stewart
    Urban Landscapes Entertainment
    1029 Southwood Drive #D
    San Luis Obispo, CA  93401
    I can't tell you if this circular reaches thousands of people 
    worldwide. I can tell you, however, that it does go out to the people 
    that matter. You know who you are.
    Velanche also does reviews for XLR8R Magazine, as well as recent 
    articles for the online zine Mundovibes (http://www.mundovibes.com), 
    with more publications to be announced soon. I'm also open to article 
    ideas...hit me up via email to mail_at_urbanlandscapes.org.
    Urban Landscapes Entertainment
    Phone:    1-818-332-0630
    Email:      mail_at_urbanlandscapes.org