[acid-jazz] Tonight: FreeFall #214 - Playlist & preview

From: David Bassin (bassyd_at_pacbell.net)
Date: 2004-08-31 08:35:30

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    So last week, we asked you to vote on which Skalpel mix you wanted to
    hear, and the dark, moody one came in ahead with a ratio of 3-1. This
    week we'll play the other - a brilliant set comprised of bits of 41
    different tracks, with a running time of just over 30 minutes. I
    expect my fingers will be sore from typing it all up next week, but
    it's a small price to pay for such a big reward. Coming up in the
    near future: mix sets from Diplo and Coldcut's Matt Black.

    Speaking of rewards, we'll have tickets to see Ty at Milk this
    weekend, as well as a pair for Dub Mission's 8th anniversary party
    featuring producer extraordinaire, Adrian Sherwood and rootsman
    Ghetto Priest, Sunday night at the Elbo Room.....In case you hadn't
    heard, Adrian and the rest of the Tackhead crew will be getting back
    together for a rare public appearance on September 16th at The
    Independent. Anyone who remembers Tackhead's mind-blowing show at the
    iBeam many moons ago, will know that this is an event that's not to
    be missed!

    Musically, it's on tonight - the latest from legendary trumpeter
    Eddie Gale and Mushroom (both of whom are opening for The Bad Plus in
    a few weeks), Four Tet, Jill Scott, Roy Davis Jr., Stereotyp, Bjork,
    a killer Charles Earland reissue and more...I hope you'll tune in.

    Ciao for now,

    If you'd like to submit music for consideration on FreeFall, the
    mailing address is:

    David Bassin / FreeFall
    111 Laidley St.
    San Francisco, CA 94131

    Last week's playlist and rebroadcast available online now:

    FreeFall 213: 8.24.04
    Shuggie Otis - Freedom Flight - Freedom Flight (Raven)
    Dollboy - China - Plans For A Modern City (Different Drummer)
    The Rebirth - Got Your Madness - 12" (Kajmere)
    The Doors - Bossa Rocker - 12" (white)
    Mr. Fiddler - Cool About It - With Respect (Elektra)
    Linn & Freddy - Keep On Playing - Wanderlust EP (Swedish Brandy)
    Plej - Lay Of The Land (Vocal) 12" (Exceptional)
    Matthew Dear - Huggy's Parade - Backstroke (Spectral 21)
    Bjork - Triumph Of The Heart - Medulla (Elektra)
    Funky Lowlives - Time Traveller Man - Somewhere Else Is Here (white)
    Guest Mix: Skalpel - 2 Mixes From Wroclaw: Mix 2
    Skalpel - Sculpture (Ninja Tune)
    Bang On A Can All-Stars - Music For Airports / II (Polygram)
    Have A Nice Trip - Lekcja 100 (At The Airport) (Polskie Nagrania)
    DJ Vadim - Harp Song (Ninja Tune)
    Dead Can Dance - The Writing On My Father's Hand (4AD)
    Orklestra Osmego Dnia - Cie (Savitor)
    cLOUDDEAD - Bike (2) (Big Dada)
    Funki Porcini - What Are You Looking At? (Ninja Tune)
    2001: A Space Odyssey - HAL 9000 (EMI)
    Brian Eno - Julie With...(Polydor)
    Skalpel - Environmental Sounds (Ninja Tune / Isound)
    Renovation Unlimited - Antonata (feat. Roy Ayers) - 12" (ObliqSound)
    Marita Rita - Lavadeira do Rio - Maria Rita (Warner Latina)
    Nicola Conte - Impulso - 12" (Schema)
    Donald Byrd - French Spice - Free Form (Blue Note)
    Slope feat Capitol A - Citysteps (Yannick L's Trickski Mix) - Sonar
    Kollektiv 3 (Sonar Kollektv)
    Beans - Down By Law - 12" (Warp)
    Broadway Project - Solar Lunar - Autumn Breaks EP (Memphis Industries)
    Diplo - Big Lost - Florida (Big Dada)
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