[acid-jazz] blaktroniks - p2p pressure ep - tokyodawnrecords.com - free download!

From: tokyo dawn records (prymer_at_gmx.net)
Date: 2004-12-12 19:47:50

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    now available for free download:


    the title of the ep has to do with the availability of this release as a
    download, and hopefully shared amongst many using peer to peer technology...

    the 'pressure' is in reference to the glorified form of peer pressure
    exerted by the riaa to intimidate 12 year old children when they don't pay
    for music.

    it is also in reference to the peer pressure exterted on artists to craft
    music in such a way to maximize profits.

    let's be clear... there's absolutely nothing wrong with making money through
    music, but at this point things are too far out of balance and the
    creativity is suffering.

    we hope this music helps you remember why you ever liked music in the first
    place... i.e. before all this p2p pressure.

    track 1) iso-stasis
    you ever get the feeling that events in your life are happening around you,
    but somehow not directly to you?

    track 2) particle lust
    i fell in love with quantum physics over the summer...

    track 3) competitive genetix
    my future dissertation on why girls sometimes act crazy and 1 hour later act

    track 4) look back
    the most incredible thing is when she looks back at you :)