[acid-jazz] Urban Landscapes Radioshow 7.15 & 7.16: Back On The Case!

From: Velanche (velanche_at_charter.net)
Date: 2004-05-03 07:18:02

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    The Urban Landscapes Radioshow
    The Urban Landscapes Radioshow airs live from 9-11pm PT on KCPR 91.3 FM, as well as via the Internet at http://www.kcpr.org. You can also listen to the last five shows online at http://www.urbanlandscapes-show.com. If you miss the live show, the international edition of the radioshow will be online within a few days after the live broadcast.

    Be sure to tell your friends about the radioshow...and feel free to pass this circular on!


    Some of you have been wondering whether I've fallen off the face of the earth. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm ever on earth myself! Rest assured, though, that I'm alive, the show's alive, and things are moving forward. I'm still shaking the dead leaves from the  trees, and with springtime comes spring cleaning. I can tell you that most of the cleaning has been completed, but there's still plenty to do.

    If all goes well, you should see the circular back in its regular timeframe of being delivered to your inbox the day of the live broadcast. As usual, the previous week's playlist and audio links will be included.

    The international edition of last Friday's broadcast (7.17) will be online within the next few days, along with the show's playlist.

    In the meantime, some great music and some cool mixes awaits your presence. Take a peek below of the recent guestmixes, as well as the playlists of the last two shows (and of course, the shows are available for listening).

    Upcoming still are the segments featuring Gilles Peterson & Beanfield. Stay tuned...

    Urban Landscapes Radioshow 7.15 featured an exclusive Urban Landscapes Guestmix from the MFP Collective. The Collective are DJs and producers who are important contributors to the Dutch nu-jazz scene. They also have a relatively new label called Flyin' High, which has already made a name for itself with releases from the likes of the Scallymatic Orchestra and Buruman.

    Erik and company were gracious enough to put together a killer guestmix that features some nice exclusives, including some of the Collective's own remixes. Do check it out! Thanks to Erik from the MFP Collective for heeding the call and delivering big.
    Website:    http://www.mfpcollective.com

    Urban Landscapes Radioshow 7.16 includes the week's Urban Landscapes Guestmix from Gonky don Jonas Quant. Considered to be the "father" of the Gonkyburg music scene, he's helped open the door for other talented artists such as the Swell Sessions crew (fronted by Andreas Saag), Hird, Yukimi Nagano, Ernesto, Jol, and Plej among others.

    Best known for his wicked "Funkster" EP on Hollow Recordings, his new full-length "Getting Out" is now out on Vienna's Ecco Chamber. Respect to Quant for his musical selection, and shouts to Tatjana from Ecco Chamber for sending the mix this way.
    Websites:     http://www.eccochamber.com

    May 2004
    (in no particular order)

    1.  Diesler - Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines Please EP 12" (Tru Thoughts)
    2.  Quantic - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man 12" (Tru Thoughts)
    3.  V/A - Panorama (Perfect Toy)
    4.  V/A - Holding Hands: Rare Gems from Poland Vol. 2 (Cosmic Sounds)
    5.  Iguassu - Ordinary Day (CD-R)
    6.  Intuit - Intuit (Compost)
    7.  V/A - Blue Note Revisited (Blue Note)
    8.  DWH - Still Here (Counterpoint CD-R)
    9.  Clara Hill - Restless Times (Sonar Kollektiv)
    10. 1 Giant Leap/Sly & Robbie - EP 12" (Palm Beats white)
    11. Sound Providers - An Evening With The Sound Providers (ABB CD-R)
    12. V/A - Cool, Calm & Collective (4Lux CD-R)
    13. Beanfield - Seek (Compost)
    14. V/A - Joined Forces EP (Switchstance CD-R)
    15. V/A - Worldwide Exclusives (Talkin Loud CD-R)
    16. Simbad - Peaktime (Earthproject CD-R)
    17. Panic featuring MC Peek-A-Boo - Jam (Bitches Brew CD-R)
    18. Canton - Oracle EP (Citrona CD-R)
    19. Joseph Malik - Aqaurius Songs (Compost).
    20. John Beltran - In Full Color (Ubiquity)


    Friday April 23, 2004

    This Week's Urban Landscapes Guestmix

    Listen at http://www.designduality.com/~urbanl/listen/04-04-23.m3u
    Download at http://www.designduality.com/~urbanl/listen/04-04-23.mp3
    Song - Artist - Album - Label
    Gold    - Innocent Sorcerers - Panorama (Perfect Toy)
    Open Up Your Senses (4 Hero Remix) - Horace Silver - Blue Note Revisited (Blue Note)
    Not Funny Any More - Coxless Pair - EP - (Cosmic Sounds)
    Zanubia - Cay Taylen - Su (Couch)
    Golden Lady - Yesterday's New Quintet - Stevie (Stones Throw)
    Cotton Wool - Diesler - Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines Please EP 12"
        (Tru Thoughts)

    Film_ing - Bugge Wesseltoft
    Zwakanlani - Meitz
    Samba 2150 (Alex Phountzi Remix) - Banda Favela
    Walk This Step (Seiji's Black Forest Gateaux) - Steppah Huntah
    5 Min Carres - Les Moko
    There Was A Child - Franck Rogers
    I Don't Want (Grand Unified VIP Mix) - Joseph Malik
    Stuck On Jazz - Doctor Abstract
    Kissed By The Sun - John Beltran

    Diablo (Fauna Flash Remix) - Joseph Malik (Compost CD-R)
    Acid Fly - Bigga Bush - EP 12" (Stereo Deluxe)
    Silicone (Blackjoy Vocal Mix) - Bang Bang - 12" (Yellow)
    In My Bed (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - Amy Winehouse - 12" (Island)
    Furthest Moments - Quantic - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man 12" (Tru Thoughts)
    Song Of Will (Jazzanova Remix) - Eddie Gale - Blue Note Revisited (Blue Note)
    6 Hours Starlight  - Xploding Plastix - Rebop By Proxy EP 10" (Palm Beats)

    Friday April 16, 2004

    This Week's Urban Landscapes Guestmix
    The MFP Collective (exclusive)

    Listen at http://www.designduality.com/~urbanl/listen/04-04-16.m3u
    Download at http://www.designduality.com/~urbanl/listen/04-04-16.mp3
    Song - Artist - Album - Label
    Ordinary Day (Sunset Mix) - Iguassu (CD-R)
    African Chant Part 2 (2002 version) - Deela - EP (4Lux CD-R)
    Wewa - Intuit - Intuit (Compost)
    That Lady (produced by ?uestlove) - The Isley Brothers - Taken to the Next Phase EP 12" (Epic)
    Don't Joke With A Hungry Man (featuring Spanky Wilson) - Quantic - EP 12" (Tru Thoughts)
    Melt with "Big Clap" - Sequel - Motorized Instincts (Sonar Kollektiv)

    The MFP Collective (exclusive)

    In Your Groove - Sygaire (Sonar Kollektiv CD-R)
    Get Down (Domu Remix) - 12th Floor (Raw Fusion)
    Universal Unit - Ben Mono (Compost)
    ? (MFP Collective edit) - Rednose vs. King Solomon (CD-R)
    Lovesick - Gangstarr (Chrysalis)
    In The Name of Love - Kenny Rankin (WB)
    Feel Like I Feel - Paul Bryan (Blue Rock)
    No Use (MFP Collective Remix) - Jazzanova (CD-R)
    Paper Exit Jam - Scallymatic Orchestra (Flyin' High CD-R)
    Kudu (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix) - Eddie Henderson (Blue Note)
    Held Him First (Sygaire Remix) - Deyampert (Sonar Kollektiv CD-R)
    No Shame - Nicola Kramer (CD-R)
    Interstellar - Waiwan (CD-R)

    Boom Klicky Boom Klack (That's What We Do) - Jazzanova (featuring Shaun Escoffery) -
        Worldwide Exclusives: Unreleased + Unleashed (Talkin Loud CD-R)
    Can It Be? (Spiritual South Future Boogie Mix) - Da Lata - EP 12" (Palm Beats white)
    Ill Street Blues (MJ Cole Remix) - Deekline and Wizard - EP - (Botchit & Scarper CD-R)
    Jam (Charlie Dark Remix) - Panic (Bitches Brew CD-R)


    For over six years, the Urban Landscacpes Radioshow has been presenting jazzy and soulful club culture from around the world. Big respect to all of the labels, artists, promotion people and the listeners for their continued support.

    Musical submissions are always welcome. PLEASE NOTE that prior to submission, you should check the playlists as well as listen to a few of the shows in order to get a good feel for the music and the vibes.

    Vinyl is preferred, but CDs/CD-Rs and minidiscs are acceptable. Please send your music to:

    Velanche Stewart
    Urban Landscapes Entertainment
    1029 Southwood Drive #D
    San Luis Obispo, CA  93401

    I can't tell you if this circular reaches thousands of people worldwide. I can tell you, however, that it does go out to the people that matter. You know who you are.

    Velanche also does reviews for XLR8R Magazine, with more publications to be announced soon. I'm also open to article ideas...hit me up via email to velanche@charter.net.

    Thanks again....and have a great week!