[acid-jazz] Urban Landscapes Radioshow 7.18 (Friday May 7, 2004)

From: Velanche (velanche_at_charter.net)
Date: 2004-05-14 06:21:23

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            The Urban Landscapes Radioshow airs live from 9-11pm PT on KCPR
            91.3 FM, as well as via the Internet at http://www.kcpr.org. You
            can also listen to the last five shows online at
            http://www.urbanlandscapes-show.com. If you miss the live show,
            the international edition of the radioshow will be online within
            a few days after the live broadcast.

            *NOTE: *the live streaming is temporarily offline.

            Be sure to tell your friends about the radioshow...and feel free
            to pass this circular on!


            Be sure to check below for all the usual info on last week's
            show, Urban Landscapes Radioshow 7.18 (including playlists and
            audio links).

            This week, once again, is a bit of catchup on the fresh new
            stuff, as well as some digging in my music collection for some
            choice treats.

            If you're on the local side, listen to this week's live
            broadcast for your chance to win the first three issues of San
            Diego's *Re:Up Magazine*. Now I wasn't privvy to it until Phil
            from Compost clued me in while we were in Miami. I was
            introduced by both him and Christina from Citrona to the three
            folks who make the magazine happen....Josh, Missy, and Beau.

            Unlike most magazines, the trio didn't start out being involved
            in the music industry. They are all graphic artists who wanted
            to take a stab at creating what they call a "downbeattempo"

            It's apparently been getting some notice across the pond as well
            as around the country for its ambitious combination of art and
            words. It's quite informative, fun to read, and gets better with
            each issue. You can find the third issue that features the cover
            art from none other than Mr. Scruff, as well as an exchange of
            words between him and DJ Spinna. Issue 4 is getting the print up
            as I type this.

            Check the website at http://www.reupmag.com for more. You can
            also find it in town at Boo Boo Records.

            Enjoy the music, and have a great weekend!


            *May 2004 *
            /(in no particular order)/
            1. Diesler - Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines Please EP
            12" (Tru Thoughts)
            2. Quantic - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man 12" (Tru Thoughts)
            3. V/A - Panorama (Perfect Toy)
            4. V/A - Holding Hands: Rare Gems from Poland Vol. 2 (Cosmic
            5. Iguassu - Ordinary Day (CD-R)
            6. Intuit - Intuit (Compost)
            7. V/A - Blue Note Revisited (Blue Note)
            8. DWH - Still Here (Counterpoint CD-R)
            9. Clara Hill - Restless Times (Sonar Kollektiv)
            10. 1 Giant Leap/Sly & Robbie - EP 12" (Palm Beats white)
            11. Sound Providers - An Evening With The Sound Providers (ABB CD-R)
            12. V/A - Cool, Calm & Collective (4Lux CD-R)
            13. Beanfield - Seek (Compost)
            14. V/A - Joined Forces EP (Switchstance CD-R)
            15. V/A - Worldwide Exclusives (Talkin Loud CD-R)
            16. Simbad - Peaktime (Earthproject CD-R)
            17. Panic featuring MC Peek-A-Boo - Jam (Bitches Brew CD-R)
            18. Canton - Oracle EP (Citrona CD-R)
            19. Joseph Malik - Aqaurius Songs (Compost).
            20. John Beltran - In Full Color (Ubiquity)


                    *THE URBAN LANDSCAPES RADIOSHOW 7.18*
                    * Friday May 7, 2004* *
                    /Listen at
                    Download at*

            /*song - artist - album - label*/
            She Won't Let The Summer In - Low Budget Soul - 12" (Abstract Blue)
            Guilt Junkie - Vinia Mojica - 12" (Fruitmeat)
            Too High - Yesterday's New Quintet - Stevie (Stones Throw)
            Fashion Party (Ursula 1000 Remix) - Daniele Luppi - 12" (Modular)
            General Krook Anthem - Dr. Delay - The Limitations EP 12" (Funky
            For Old Time's Sake (featuring Asheru of Unspoken Heard) - Sound
            Providers -
                An Evening With The Sound Providers (ABB)
            Killing Joke Part II (featuring Dr. Syntax & Elemental) - Boiler
            Room Collective - EP 12"
               (Fluid Ounce)
            Oh U Want More? (Ty & Drew's Refix) - Ty - 12" (Big Dada)
            Linda Manigua (Quantum Dub Force Mix) - Sidesteppers - Palm
            Beats Volume One
               (Palm Beats)
            State of Mind - Heavenly Social - Cool, Calm & Collective (4Lux
            Never Gonna Let You Go - Koop - Alternative Takes EP 12" (JCR)
            Akalei - Julian Mazur - Holding Hands (Cosmic Sounds)
            No More Dating DJs (Pete Rock Main Mix) -Nick Holder - 12" (NRK)
            Blind Date (Dublex Inc. Remix) - Baby Mammoth - Ecco Reflections
            (Ecco Chamber)
            Silent Fools - Joseph Malik - Aquarius Songs (Compost)
            Ordinary Day (Electric Mix) - Iguassu (CD-R)
            Do Your Living In The Night (Brooks' Rank Leisure Mix) - Phil
            Parnell - 12" (Mantis white)
            Footprint (DJ Medhi Remix) - Wayne Shorter - Blue Note Revisited
            (Blue Note)
            Secret Place (featuring Rachel Modest) - Jason Sparks (Botchit &
            Scarper CD-R)
            Revenge - Quant - Getting Out (Ecco Chamber)
            Tides (Chateau Flight Remix) - Beanfield - Close To You 12"
            Busta Rhymes vs. The Cure - The Bust - 12" (white)
            Floorwax (featuring Rashaan Ahmed) - DJ Zeph - Sunset Scavenger
            (Wide Hive CD-R)
            *END BROADCAST*


            For over six years, the Urban Landscacpes Radioshow has been
            presenting jazzy and soulful club culture from around the world.
            Big respect to all of the labels, artists, promotion people and
            the listeners for their continued support.

            Musical submissions are always welcome. PLEASE NOTE that prior
            to submission, you should check the playlists as well as listen
            to a few of the shows in order to get a good feel for the music
            and the vibes.

            Vinyl is preferred, but CDs/CD-Rs and minidiscs are acceptable.
            Please send your music to:

            /Velanche Stewart
            Urban Landscapes Entertainment
            1029 Southwood Drive #D
            San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

            I can't tell you if this circular reaches thousands of people
            worldwide. I can tell you, however, that it does go out to the
            people that matter. You know who you are.

            Velanche also does reviews for XLR8R Magazine, with more
            publications to be announced soon. I'm also open to article
            ideas...hit me up via email to velanche_at_charter.net.