[acid-jazz] your timeless top ten!!!

From: Steve (scatanzaro4_at_cox.net)
Date: 2004-05-18 22:36:40

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    . was listening to the first 2000 black "the good good" comp recently,
    and was amazed at how some of the tracks struck me as a bit dated in
    light of later releases.
    which brings the question; as u go thru your collection, which are the
    tracks/albums that still sound great to you through the passage of time.
    :: CAVEAT ::
    you can't pick any generally considered timeless classix, i.e., black
    brown and beige, love supreme, kind of blue, innvervisions, and the
    like. these have to be releases from "our" era. i.e., the aj era and. u
    can't pimp your new favorite, i.e. nsm, dkd, etc.
    come on. which old gems are u still rocking. still putting a smile on
    your face?
    I'll throw in for
    sweetback / sweetback
    brand new heavies / brother sister
    the roots / do u want more
    badu / baduizm
    tribe called quest / low end theory
    4 hero / 2 pages
    jazzanova / remixes
    sade / promise (snare sound reappeared on dkd's u know it?)
    that's 8.. whatcha got?