[acid-jazz] Lowlife Digital at Scuba w/ The Unabombers

From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2004-05-19 12:06:54

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    Lowlife Digital at Scuba, The Fez Club, Sheffield, UK. 15th May 2004.

    Kitted out in flowing red sheets by Sheffield’s premier underwear creator, the Fez Club took on a sophisticated yet sleazy look for the first ‘Lowlife Digital’ party. This event was the first in a series of monthly sojourns on a Housier tip than the previous dimly lit affairs that saw Chris Lowlife make his name as a DJ. He plumed for the Unabombers as his partners in crime for this session, despite calls of nepotism and the recent DJing visit to this fair city by one half of the disco-detonating pair. It seems that he chose well enlisting the Unabombers to spin alongside him, as the club filled to bursting point and the trio satisfied the varied crowd, with a predominantly house-orientated selection of wonderful musical platters. Chris and Luke are sometimes guilty of over-exploiting popular underground tracks until the grooves of the records wear out, but on this occasion, they got the balance between well-known and unfamiliar flavours just right.

    Chris kicked the proceedings off with a vintage ‘pub function room’ (original LDL venue) type set of beautifully invigorating Deep House records. No sign of the crowd-pleasing type of tunage he unfortunately feels must dominate his LDL selections now, he revelled in the chance to play records for himself and these tunes also tickled the crowd. Choice cuts included Rekid’s achingly beautiful “Lost Star”, Summerland’s smitten “Soulmate” and Joshua’s flawless revision of Davina’s seductive “Come Over 2 My Place”. Considering the temperature of this sizzling late spring evening, there was no need for a literal warm-up, but Chris’s set acted as one musically, and provided a perfect launch pad for Luke and Justin. Luke played a variety of soul drenched and banging numbers, which encompassed the likes of Soldiers of Twilight’s invigorating “Believe” and a rough-assed bumping track than sounded like a version of Mr. Scruff’s “Giffin”, tailored for the most jacking of dancefloors!
     . Justin finished things off with some head-mangling acidic numbers, bouncy drummed cuts such as the SUMO Remix of Lonesome Echo’s “Spirit Of The Drum” and a hypnotic dub of “Aint Nobody”.

    Scuba promoter Jamie Wilkins has been running House nights in Sheffield for a number of years. Teaming up with Chris Lowlife, record-shop proprietor, promoting upstart and DJ of the moment, their ‘Lowlife Digital’ series has had an incredibly promising start. This joint venture is set to be lucrative from both a creative and a financial perspective, with the Eyes Down residents set to join Chris behind the hallowed Scuba decks for the second instalment on June 12th.

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