Re: [acid-jazz] . madrid check

From: Vince Varga (
Date: 2004-05-19 13:50:20

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    . as i bring my cam and check the shops everywhere, this wouldn't take
    too much additional time/energy. though there were several "travelling
    djs series", an i-national radio show without making any compromises
    could be interesting

    . vince

    ZeroGravity Sessions wrote:

    > check this idea,
    > it just came to my mind this morning while listening to Talkin Loud
    > compilation 1990-1994, where you get this cool Ladbroke grove(i
    > think) record shop pictured in the sleeve :
    > 1)bring a camera with you -> make some pics at the cool record shops -
    > radio - labels of the city you visit
    > 2)make a mix out of the records you bought and feelings you've got and
    > the cdr / vinyl you've been handed over
    > 3) Pubblish this on or other sites that want to
    > partecipate to this transnational initiative
    > ----> you get : BEAT_at_CITTA' <mailto:BEAT_at_CITTA'> not only a resource for
    > travelling Djeis and music lovers but also an interpretation....sort of
    > Sketches of Spain to be in the mood.....
    > -->of course the mix can be made by travelling Djeis/selecta or by
    > resident Djeis or that case we would expect all the record
    > shops to be sorted out!!!!!
    > What ya think of this truly collaborative international effort?
    > Cheers and peace out.
    > davide(jazzghisa)
    > <>